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Elaboration on the Earth Planetary Government's Three Pillars of Stability

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Uniformity of business, labor, and government regulations across an entire planet will purge the majority of the societal flux triggered by organization and individual reactions to these often conflicting self-defeating rules. Businesses provoked to continuously lower costs and increase profit margins consistent with shareholder and top executive expectations take actions inconsistent with achieving these very goals. It’s like starting off on a trip without directions only to find that you’ve ended up back where you started. Effort was expended but to what effect? To further complicate an already convoluted process of perpetual motion add all the selfish actions taken by not only businesses, but workers, and governments. Include the useless activity by the planetary fiefdoms propagating their own discordant inputs and wham you’ve got pandemonium. Eliminate all these fiefdoms by standardizing and harmonizing business, labor, and government actions under three identically ‘light’ regulatory agencies within a global government and we’re well on our way to a rational societal environment that promotes stability.

Earth’s Planetary Government will have the end result of encouraging sane actions from all the overstressed natural societal competitors. They will finally be equal rivals in the contest for supremacy. Aspiring to overpower their rivals, but never separately realizing omnipotence to the exclusion of the others is the desired competitive result. Equally influential and powerful agencies of the Earth Planetary Government the Three Pillars of Stability that are business, labor, and government will be tasked with maintaining societal homeostasis. Sustainability and stability will be preserved by these Three Pillars of Stability without impeding these selfish contributors from maximizing their ideal outputs in a newly reformulated sanely balanced capitalist economy.

Business, labor, and government may seek to slay their societal competitor but if they ultimately succeeded like the efforts of business to transform labor into meek income poor slaves this would mortally wound the economy and society. Counterproductive efforts may seem productive when traveling down an unknown road. The expended effort may be refreshing when navigating towards an uncharted destination until it becomes apparent that it was all a miserable waste of time. Having to circle back to where you started from was nothing more than a cruel illusion.

Well intentioned actions can sometimes be equally frustrating exercises in futility. What is really discouraging is thinking progress is being made only to be fooled by reality. The actions taken by businesses affect laborers by reducing inflation adjusted salaries on a year over year basis. Government regulations that are too costly push businesses to seek out jurisdictions that are more amiable to commerce. Our global society is an incomprehensible dynamic system. It is a complex feedback loop that cycles trillions of actions and reactions across a patchwork of nation-states. All the divergent regulations, reactions, actions, all the perturbations rippling across the global society have destabilized its many constituent parts. We’re all suffering under a stasis bound economy created by a global plutocracy that has choked-off the economy’s fuel by leaching off income in a self-destructive process of attaining business supremacy over the government societal interface in order to obliterate labor.

Firms constantly seeking out lower cost inputs have dramatically reduced the inflation adjusted salaries of workers. Year over year wage cuts flow back into the economy in the form of reduced purchases by laborers. Demand for all products fall annually until the workers aren’t even able to eke out an existence from a single full-time job. To maintain even a subsistence level, a bare-bones existence the average worker must now take on two or more jobs. This is inconsistent with a healthy society.

Income starvation that is strangling the global economy is stopped dead in its tracks when ‘labor sinks’ are filled. By eliminating the disparities in labor regulations, wages, standards of living, and all the other discontinuous aberrations of a territorial conscious planet the incentive to seek out the next lower labor pool disappears. By preventing wage deflation the entire planet averts the societal death spiral taking us deeper into the abys. Pools of cheaply paid workers found in countries with an excess labor supply and/or a poor national economy entice businesses to ‘strip mine’ workers into a condition of ‘income starvation’ that eventually vaporizes the disposable income of all planetary citizens.

The Earth Planetary Government will thereby sustain and stabilize society through the Three Tiers of Stability: business, labor, and government. No single societal entity will have preeminence over the other two equally important components. If left unchecked the desire to exert unobstructed power is a self-fulfilling prophecy of collective destruction.