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Economists Blame Downturn on Weather - White Owl Sightings

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Excuses are endemic, economic charlatans who pander the accepted gospel have resorted to contriving tall stories to explain why consumers haven’t been spending. A convenient culprit is the weather. The rash of disappointing corporate earnings, China’s drop in January manufacturing, every damn statistic that points to an accelerating economic slide is caused by snowflakes, triggered by grandma pulling out her parka, and the beaver up the creek peeking out less frequently. Maybe these witch doctors will resort to chanting as they run economic models that are no better at predicting events than divining rods are at finding water.

Start collecting animal hides because it seems certain that the number of fleas inhabiting the tiny hairs close to the skin can be correlated to how many consumers will accumulate more debt in a spending frenzy. Be careful not to skew the complex mathematical model by mistaking thick hair stalks for the itsy-bitsy hair sprouts. Keep in mind bead rattling Economists have devoted many hours to soothsaying and foretelling events based upon painstakingly accurate calculations of meaningless dribble. They are therefore expert at shrouding reality in a cloud of folktale visions that would have tribal witch doctors beaming with delight.

Analyzing recent events doesn’t require a colorful headdress adorned with the prize feather of the last fairy dust throwing voodoo master.

Absolutely not, mere mortals equipped with a broad knowledge of history, a basic understanding of market forces, and the ability to isolate meaningful information from an extensive daily scan of a collection of data can accurately estimate economic trends.

Economics contrary to popular myth isn’t a science deeply rooted in the laws of nature. Practitioners of this faith demand total allegiance to a belief system. Institutions of ‘higher learning’ have invested years in the proselytizing of legions of unquestioning absorptive brains. The outcome is an infestation of simpletons that infect global power centers with spiritual bias cloaked in the scientific method.

When was the last time you consulted a Palm Reader? Maybe your friends have suggested looking at tea leaves? Those of us who throw out preconceptions based upon unyielding deviant forms of illogic don’t believe in the occult and current Economic theory. Our world rests firmly on a foundation of observable events that is infinitely less complicated. We’ve thrown out the Ouija board, tossed aside the colored beads, and instead use fairy dust for seasoning our meat.