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Economic Framework Critical To Our Survival

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Free trade and the free flow of workers between all countries are essential for the expansion of the global economy. But let's be clear, the world's governments must never again sanction trade subject to no restrictions operating in a 'wild west' environment of anything goes.

Business, labor, and governments must come together to build an equitable, sustainable, stable, and balanced global economic framework that ensures fair wages across all professions regardless of geographic location.

An economic framework must also be 'constructed' with some additional components. First of all it must have a bill of labor rights that is legally binding upon all WTO nations with stiff consequences of noncompliance similar to existing WTO regulations. Lastly, a permanent global economic body consisting of elected labor, business, and government leaders must be created to legislatively deal with global economic matters. These are matters that in the past weren't handled but left to the multi-national businesses who did what they pleased with the result being that the entire global economic system is destabilized.

This destabilization is precipitated by companies that scour the planet for the next cheapest labor resource, a dangerously disruptive business mindset that has ultimately led us to our current highly bifurcated planetary population. A place where income is drained from below to feed the insatiable greed of a few wealthy investors, executives, and other "fat cats" who live like kings in their castles high up the income ladder.

But characteristic of all mere mortals the super-rich are only able to consume so much, all the rest of their horded income must then be invested somewhere. Investment opportunities are limited in a world where economic growth is stifled because of inadequate income flows; income that ultimately fuels revenue generation.

So where do the super wealthy top 1% of income earners put all their 'dammed up' income reserves - you guessed it, in exotic investment vehicles created by highly paid financial engineers. Exotic securities like the now infamous derivative toxic waste that contaminated our global financial system.

With our existing global economy channeling wave upon wave of negative stimuli into every sector or societal sub-system we are playing a very risky Russian roulette that could lead to a highly unstable negatively tilted set of societal outcomes. These are resultant outcomes that run the gambit from a wave of nation-state revolutions to the collapse of our natural environment.

Whether the subsequent perturbations take the form of negative outcomes directly attributed to our destabilized global economy or outcomes not easily tied to precipitous economic perturbations is immaterial; we'll still pay a heavy price in the collapse of crucial human and natural sub-systems essential to our continued survival.

By permitting the devolution of this most crucial of societal sub-systems (the economy) we're exposing ourselves and our progeny to a chaotic society that doesn't have a coherent pattern, a pattern essential to all complex systems.

In such a highly unstable pattern-less societal system where all the intertwined sub-systems are oscillating furiously and emitting wave distortions of ever-higher intensity we end up in a truly chaotic (indeterminate) state called hell. In this hell on earth evil finds a home, a place where logic no longer applies, rules are no longer adhered to, morality dissolves away, and maul fisted power rules ruthlessly under no ethical constraints.

We're speeding towards this societal no man's land. Now is the time to stabilize our global society - we've already reached the periphery of total societal instability. We must immediately act to stop our degeneration towards absolute chaos; a societal state that would release this boundless evil capable of engulfing the world in another Dark Ages, this time significantly more devastating than the last.