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Earthly Oligarchic Elites Are Tradition Bound Savages

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Congratulations are in order. The leaders of the twenty largest economies have convinced us that they are savages incapable of extricating themselves from tradition bound reasoning. Having their finance ministers craft policies for stimulating the world economy even though these are the same spiritual soothsayers who are inextricably linked to elite contrived economic theories destroying the planet confirms that intellectual inquiry is dead. To support an economic system that purposely benefits the privileged few at the expense of leaving the majority of citizens financially destitute these powerbrokers of oligarchic feudalism are acknowledging their intellectual feebleness and amoral proclivities. Not only are the masters of plutocratic deception able to pawn off their wealth skewed theories of economic slavery but they have also blended them into the societal fabric to create a traditional imperative for adhering to upper caste thievery. More frightening would be learning that these oligarchic caretakers actually believe the lies their economic quacks preach.

Flowing and swirling in an incoherent fusion of lunacy that we have never before experienced are all the insubstantial barriers to absolute liberty propagandized into being substantial. Liken our job to debunking the entire societal edifice that has been erected and refined over many decades into an impeachable religious doctrine. Blind faith now guides the many billions on this planet. They unswervingly believe that drastic change from a perception steered to a perception gleaned understanding of their world would be an unspeakable heresy. So ingrained into a tradition based society are the upper socio-economic strata that they resemble the most primitive stone-age tribes in their refusal to even envision alternative cultural viewpoints.

Utterly ingenious is the design that the lords of elite royalty have engineered. Custom taught with the underpinnings of mathematical precision proving only that their flat world theories are logical within the confines of prescribed limits is the most ingenious blinders ever before devised. These blue planet aristocrats have immobilized all intellectual inquiry into cultural matters that do not conform to their feudal based system of pillage. Any introspection of societal matters must follow the doctrinal guidelines that are now ingrained through ritual into the ‘modern’ ultra-capitalist human experience.

With this type of invasive censorship shrouded so that it does not resemble overt prescribed viewpoints it is utterly impossible to invigorate this tradition enslaved populous. All those at the pinnacle of wealth and success are so bought into these falsehoods they will never be dissuaded from leaving the safe confines of their delusion. That is why our efforts must continue to be focused exclusively upon creating a groundswell of revolutionaries from the general population. These are the planetary citizens, the workers, and all those forced to exist in the lower reaches of this pillage based economic system of apartheid that have not been so effectively brainwashed by a ‘top’ university education. This subjugated majority experiences the falling real wages, loss of constituent power, job insecurity, lack of labor rights, vanishing prospects, and a general decline in standard-of-living.

Our sociological experts were correct in their analysis that the middle to lower classes is the target socio-stratum that we would have the highest probability of influencing. Most of the captains of industry, politicians, and leaders in their sphere of influence are just too far gone. They are beyond the reach of logic. Floating in their fairy tale world, overstuffed from a system of efficient raiding, totally bought into a fantasy, that to wake them would require upending a world view they have personally invested far too heavily to sanely exit.