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Earth Planetary Parliamentary Session Under Legislative Sequestration

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Legislative Sequestration was instituted on the Terrestrial Capitol Island. Being in session, the Earth Planetary Parliament capitol was now off-limits to everyone except the Members of Parliament. Until the close of this legislative term lasting two-months no one was permitted to contact any MP. Even the MPs were forbidden to communicate with anyone other than MPs already in the capitol. The island was effectively sealed off. Only outgoing internet traffic to sites not designated as communication hubs like news and other informational sources were assessable from the Parliamentary network. All email traffic, social network postings, texting, and any other form of communication with the outside world was expressly forbidden when Parliament was in session.

This was very serious business stopping the MPs from being influenced by any outside individual or group. Lobbying of an Earth Planetary Parliament MP, the Prime Minister, or any governmental official at any level of government was punishable under the Noninterference Article by life in prison without any chance of parole. Equally harsh were the penalties exacted on any government official found to have engaged in premeditated lobbyist instigated conversations with the aim of receiving favors for preferential legislative treatment. If found guilty of this egregious criminal activity a governmental official at any level would be guaranteed to spend the rest of their natural life at the Maximum Security Ice Camp Earth Penal Colony located in Nome, Alaska.

No expense had been considered too extravagant to make this sacred responsibility pleasurable. All the amenities of a comfortable life were found on the Terrestrial Capitol Island. Dining, entertainment, a beautiful pure white sand beach, running track overlooking the beach, ten Olympic sized swimming pools, first-rate library, twenty screen theatre, and many other recreational leisure time attractions.

Living quarters of the government officials when they were obligated to stay on the island under what was termed Legislative Sequestration or regular duty was better than any four-star luxury New York City condominium. Each penthouse sized condo afforded an unobstructed view of the blue-green Pacific Ocean sparkling beyond the balcony and ceiling to floor picture glass. For those legislators that preferred to expand their culinary talents a full kitchen complete with a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator was ready for immediate use on the first day of a government representative’s stay. Five super-sized grocery stores stocked every imaginable food found anywhere on the planet. So when the pantry or fridge was depleted just take the Government Community monorail to the closest supermarket.

Obviously, the world didn’t want to make those privileged to be elected to serve their fellow planetary citizens to feel that they’d be heading to a utilitarian hardship post lacking in comfort and amenities. Even the unelected government staff needed to feel comfortable, especially during the three times each year during the Legislative Sequestration two-month periods.

Those not familiar with this planet’s history of elite manipulation, the lobbyist infestation promoted by the princes of mega-money might be astonished at the lengths taken to insure that the citizens of the world weren’t usurped by special interest interlopers. Not too long ago, merely a couple of years in the past the citizens, the real constituents of a patchwork of nation-states had become mere bystanders in governments that were democracies in name only. Granted, most of these plutocracies weren’t by any stretch of the imagination autocratic. Many upheld the highest standards of liberty with the United States of America enshrining a freedom of speech unsurpassed by any country that ever graced the face of this once fractured planet.

Let’s not get overly nostalgic imbuing any of these big-business income drained societal constructs that exacerbated the two-tiered 1% super-rich and underclass dichotomy with characteristics they never possessed. They were never genuine democracies because the real citizen constituents were barred from exerting any influence on their legislators other than an infrequent election to choose between already elite financed candidates vetted by political parties overflowing with loot soaked government puppets.

Our struggle in the People’s Movement was about bringing real representative government back under the direct control of every global citizen. We had resolved that never again would our voice be diluted or squelched by those who wanted to drain all the resources from our beleaguered blue planet.