Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Earth Planetary Parliament – 2016 People’s Movement Session

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Flying into Hawaii the representatives of every single global citizen irrespective of nation-state were arriving for the 2016 People’s Movement Session. Members of parliament didn’t represent the countries that they were citizens of but the planetary residents of particular districts that intentionally overlapped many nation-state borders.

Situated on a wide expanse that offered an exceptional view of the ocean from all angles the gigantic saucer shaped Earth Planetary Parliament or EPP towered above the surrounding island. A pure white engineering marvel resting on four legs planted firmly into the ground it had windows encircling its entire circumference. Those who had taken the tour of the Earth Planetary Parliament building always commented on how they felt like they had hovered above the ocean. Most said it was a humbling experience resting 1700 feet midair because you truly felt like you were adrift on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The architects when presented with the commission to build this grand monument to earth’s united democratic government were told by the first MPs that their design was to elicit a feeling described by astronauts viewing the Earth from outer space. Whenever an MP was considering a piece of legislation they must comprehend that a united planet was essential to the continued survival of humankind – the ever present void of space or this case the ocean could easily swallow humanities tiny life raft. This spiritual atmosphere was essential. Each MP sensed to the depths of their being the supreme responsibility they exercised on behalf of their constituents.

Rising an equal 1000 feet each in a steel ensemble northwest from the EPP the three Towers of Stability were the tiller that kept planetary society from running aground. These were the engines of sustainability and stability. The interplay between the economy, government, and labor was monitored daily in their respective buildings. Architecturally transmitting the importance of segregating each of the very vital societal components so that no single element could become dominant the architects decided to symbolize this with three buildings that were exact duplicates. Jutting from a triangular concave stainless steel surface each building was connected by a monorail that rocketed about the parameter entering each building’s hollow transport stations.

Beautiful, breathtaking, and amazing were some of the superlatives used to describe the spiritual effect of viewing the supreme embodiment of earthly democratic ideals, this quintessence of the best of humanity. Not seeking to overregulate but only to harmonize a discordant society that prior to the EPP was in constant conflict the architecture of this the preeminent seat of planetary power was minimalist – it’s soul evoked a rational reasonableness not permeated with undo complexity or excessive overt control.

A sense of freedom, a release from inhibitions was a dominant theme of the surroundings. Brilliant hues of purple the official color of the original People’s Movement that spanned the globe were splashed intermixed with analogous colors in reflecting rivers piloted by solid colored craft that crisscrossed the capitol. Typically when a first time MP or visitor set foot on the island they were perplexed: “How are we to get from the airport or port to the capitol in the distance?” When they saw the brightly colored Freedom Glider that quietly docked down a path that seemed to terminate into nothingness they were happily startled. The architects knowing that color was a fundamental expression of our humanity had guests arrive at a typical uninspiring airport or boat dock. The MPs and visitors were then transported into a wonderland of possibilities. All who took the voyage on a Freedom Glider floating down a crystal clear river of exploding colors pushing rainbows up into the sky would arrive at this our shrine to unbridled liberty in the right frame of mind – absolutely nothing was impossible for a free and united blue planet.