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Earth Planetary Government Promotes Expansive Economic Growth

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Eliminating the myriad of governmental jurisdictions that clutter and overlap in a territorial soup precipitating divisiveness will be the first order of business for the Earth Planetary Government when all the People’s Movement nation-states cede their power over to a planetary democracy. Layers of taxation drain resources into duplicated services and wasteful military spending replicated by every country. Government should span the territory that incorporates the majority of the economy. Efficiency of economic transactions unencumbered by disruptive regional legalities is maximized under a standard currency and lean governmental regulatory environment.

Expansive economic growth is encouraged by enhancing predictability. Eliminate or reduce barriers to entry by tearing down all the artificial behavioral inhibitors. Overly intrusive government seeking to minutely control every aspect of societal relations significantly reduces individual interactions essential to maintaining the passion of the moment – the sparks of an economic engine. Therefore, the single governmental entity should keep legislation to a minimum being ever conscious that every enacted law will impact the society. Sometimes the impact may not be perceptible but rest assured the dynamic system that is society is rippling with disruption waves not easily analyzed. In a complex sentient society it is difficult to determine if the beneficial cancels out or exceeds the detrimental changes.

Wasteful spending upon duplicate services also reduces the economic potential of a society. Finite resources should never be profligately used up. Piling military armaments up in hundreds of bases across a planet so that neighbors can always be ready to kill and maim each other is a sinister stupidity. This is an extravagant waste of resources that could have been positively employed advancing the entire planet’s society. Instead of making guns to fight over little bitty slices of territory let’s resolve to have a single planetary government use these expenditures to bring the impoverished areas of the globe into the 21st Century. Transforming the entire planet into a better place to live should be the singular goal of the global community.

When others are falling off the cliff of life because of disconnected governance we all suffer.

Some areas of the blue planet have fallen into an economic sinkhole. Africa is just such an area that has been neglected. The consequences of this neglect are now going to spill over into the rest of the world in the form of plague and instability. Economic systems like all societal components are dynamic systems that perturb under the slightest seemingly insignificant input stimulation. A sustainable growth oriented economy requires a stable foundation free from turbulent undulations. On the blue planet a patchwork of economic activity is conducted across ‘rapids’ of extreme instability. Prosperity must be equally spread across the planet. Places like Africa cannot be left to drop off into oblivion. Africa, or for that matter, any other backwater of this beautiful planet cannot be ignored. The economic wastelands are affecting the society in negative ways. General prosperity is only possible when the poorest have the same opportunity to succeed afforded the richest citizens.

Once the Earth Planetary Government gets under way the parliament should immediately seed money to the private sector for the building of affordable ground based transportation systems across the planet but especially in regions were dirt roads and switchback trails predominate. Universal healthcare a responsibility of government must also be extended to all citizens of a unified planet. Healthcare infrastructure must also be built in places where the witchdoctor is regarded as the preeminent medical expert. These are medically underserved regions like West Africa that are reeling under an Ebola epidemic that never would have gotten a foothold on a unified planet. Under a planetary democracy that ensured all citizens were represented by responsive legislators not bought off by the highest lobbyist bidders action would have already been taken to address this travesty. Investment funds would have long ago been seeded to build a modern medical infrastructure and a maglev train transportation network. Ignorance wouldn’t have prevented a population from accepting that retro viruses like Ebola do exist and kill indiscriminately. A worldwide educational system that didn’t discriminate based upon socio-economic standing would have already inspired the majority of citizens to educate themselves to the fullest of their potential. We wouldn’t be forced to contemplate worst case scenarios.

Investing in tomorrow, stabilizing the societal template by equalizing opportunity, eliminating repetitive governmental functions replicated by numerous jurisdictional entities, trimming laws back to the bare minimum, destroying the edifice of special interest lobbyist ruled government, and giving every citizen a constituent voice in a single democratic planetary government will provide for the spontaneous eruption of grand possibilities. We will move past the improbability of circumstance into the destiny of our choosing by not meekly accommodating the intolerable.