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Earth Planetary Government Jettisons Election Spending Arms Race

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The elections held by the Earth Planetary Parliament have been the cleanest and fairest exercise of universal suffrage in history. With a trust fund set up that receives its revenue from a small tax assessed on every citizen the days of big-money influenced politics are dead. Now if a knowledgeable public service minded citizen wants to run for any office lack of money is no longer a hindrance. When the citizen seeking office raises a certain number of signatures on a “Petition of Electability” from his fellow citizens the public purse is opened up to fund the election campaign of this aspiring public office holder.

After ceding over their power to the newly constituted Earth Planetary Parliament the governments of Earth worked with the Election Commission to help to bring the first global election off without a hitch. Formed from the Constitutional Convention’s final Constitution the Election Commission had unprecedented power to ensure all elections were conducted without any interference from outside sources seeking eventual favors from elected representatives. The Constitution also had many clauses that specifically targeted requirements for conducting free, fair, and impartial elections.

Most elected delegates to the Planetary Constitutional Convention were in agreement that influence peddling in the Bad Times first started when the candidate for office sought many millions of dollars to run for office. By eliminating the need to outspend each other the candidate arms race was finally stopped with the residual benefit being campaign expenditures now leveled off. With a special government trust fund releasing equal amounts of cash to all candidates seeking an office from sheriff to Prime Minister all had the same chance at winning. Better yet the general citizenry would be electing the most knowledgeable best leader not the candidate with the deepest pockets stuffed full by dirty hands.

The new Constitution’s major electoral reforms coupled with those directed at maintaining the citizens’ constituent voice by outlawing lobbying of all elected officials ushered in a new era of pure unobstructed democratic governance. No longer were candidates fused to dirty money politics from the moment they first sought funds. Deep pocketed PACs, multi-national businesses, and other usurpers of the people’s constituent voice were a thing of the past, a distant plague of the Bad Times that had devalued democracy.

All the bad actors that controlled democracies were out of jobs. Especially devastated were the lobbyists who had to learn an entirely new profession that didn’t involve being expert at corruption. Businesses who were the conductors of the orchestra of political corruption through their lobbyist swarms that had descended upon the governments of the world like a horde of locusts could now spend this additional time and money on enhancing business.

Making money within the global capitalist economy rid of thousands of territorial barriers and needless duplication of laws was now exceedingly easier and more profitable. Workers and businesses benefited enormously because both contributed to a global economy that was now stabilized, rationalized, and sustainable without either group unduly influencing its direction. There were no longer labor sinks that multi-national businesses gravitated towards with the effect being to lower the wages planetary wide. In the Bad Times these business blocks negatively distorted wages across a wide swath of professions by ‘strip mining’ for cheap labor sources in many nation-states. Once they exhausted the supply of cheap labor in one location – that is after the wages started to rise these business conglomerates moved on to other cheap labor sinks that would drag Earthly wages down further into a pit of unsustainability.

All these disruptive drags on societal stability were razed from the single Earth Planetary Government. Humanities potential was no longer stifled in the bygone territorial stew. The wasteful, divisive, and disruptive artificial divisions, all the endless jurisdictional boundaries were now replaced by a rational boundless freedom.