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Dreaming of a Donut Shop

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Lately, I’ve had visions of opening a donut shop somewhere out West in a remote town frequented by small town folk and local ranchers. In this idyllic picture I’m taking perfectly glazed lovelies out of the oven, helping folks at the counter: filling their coffee, and seeing a smile on their faces.

Some things never change, that is, the simple things, like a quaint donut shop with small tables in a smaller town, and good food. We may distort all else, but the basics of life seem immutable – thank goodness.

Spending my entire life being ground-up by a corporate dominated world, making software systems for companies that stole the heart and sole of my creations I’ve finally realized that none of it matters a rats ass. Being happy should be the paramount objective of all sentient creatures. We place far too much importance on achieving goals that aren’t our own but instead those shoved down our throats by our burnout-oriented society.

Yes, I can picture a simpler life of waking up early in the morning to prepare the dough for my mouth-watering creations.

After awhile, I’d even get to know some of the locals who’d frequent my shop on Main Street. In fact, I’d become friends with the hardworking cattle ranchers who fought the natural elements on the high plains range, the shopkeepers, clerks, and owner of the restaurant that served equally tasty food, but of course after my morning delights. All these folks from time to time would frequent my little shop.

At around 11 AM I’d turn the sign hanging in the big picture window of my main street donut shop from “Open” to “Closed”. The last lingering aroma of fresh baked goodness would drift off into the cobalt blue sky towards the limitless horizon, until the next day.