Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Donald Trump and The Establishment Want Global Police State

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The elites, this world's 1% royalists, "The Establishment" have orchestrated the ultimate scam. They have identified the 99% as easy marks in an elaborate con game. By socially engineering hot button triggers, majority rallying points steeped in nationalism and stoked with a sprinkle of divisiveness, and 'common sense' freedom and rights vaporizations thrown in for good measure, "The Establishment" has been slowly erecting a cage. We are increasing being asked to lead a politically correct scripted life. Never to question the 'wisdom' of those in the halls of pillage, farcical explanations if coming from academia become inconvertible truth.

"The Establishment" has made it perfectly clear how they intend to deal with the protests coming from the labor slaves behind the barbed wire. They will institute a full-blown police state like the one taking shape in France. Even their best camouflaged "man of the people" has stated that he would "shutdown the Internet", suspend "The Bill of Rights" and do whatever was necessary to "stop terrorism". Donald Trump would lock us down snug and tight in the galley of this globalized slave ship. He and his island hopping buddies would silence dissenting points of view allowing the soothing effects of elite propaganda to drown the world in conformity, complacency, insensitivity, and passionless mechanization - creating a spiritless mass of automatons - the perfect labor minions to carry out the wishes of the 1% "Master Race". Already the European Union is considering making it illegal for teens to interact on the Internet. Germany wants Facebook and Google to police the Internet taking down "hate speech" and any speech that is critical of government. Given that most transnational companies are integrally infused in "The Establishment", the armies of lobbyists, corrupt legislators, and billionaire royalists - this is analogous to having the fox watch the henhouse.

"The Establishment" will gladly leave us with virtually no income, frantically feeling around our threadbare pockets looking for coins. They are cleaning us out - financially liquidating all our hopes and dreams under mountains of debt and gradually liquidating what meager liberties we have under the pretext of protecting us from ISIS. Meanwhile these smooth talkers cart off an accumulated wealth in the trillions of dollars in the most extensive and elaborate confidence scam of all time.

Do not be fooled into believing a CEO has miraculously seen the light - is some born-again crusader of the downtrodden masses. Donald Trump is a tool, an instrument, a new-world feudalist who would like nothing more than to shove all of us 'regular folk" further into the dirt so he and his clan of royalists can rule with an iron-fist. If this were to happen all the current day pleasantries like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, due process, and a host of other rights we hold sacred would be dispensed with - erased before the shackles' "clank" reached our ears.

Regardless of ideological ilk, a non-establishment candidate does not come from the cloud-dwelling class, the rarified thin-air environs of opulence. The true protector and defender of the downtrodden is an individual who has lived a substantial portion of life in the jaws of wage slavery - a worker, or faithful servant of the people. This uniquely creative, passionate, empathetic, and kind person would never sacrifice others for personal gain. Arising from adversity and the turmoil of this degenerate 'taker' society this individual would revere freedom, believing it sacrosanct - a prerequisite of civilization.

We must elevate a genuine hero of the 99% who will protect and extend our rights. Reject the despot what-to-be, no matter how enthralling. It is essential that we never allow the 'taker' class, the 1% wealth vampires, Donald Trump, or any other representative of "The Establishment" to justify the creation of a bona-fide dictatorship where citizens are dragged from their beds through shattered doorframes simply because they hold viewpoints contrary to the regime. When the slightest angry outburst directed at pompous royalty is labeled 'hate speech' and lands you in a wet windowless dungeon or you are threatened into silence - this is a clear indicator that you are a mere dust mite in the eyes of the ruling elite, not afforded the dignity and respect due every sentient being. If opinions are channeled through a 'truth' or 'purity' filter controlled by the state you can be certain freedom of speech has long since vanished. Once an amorphous "Establishment" propaganda blob justifies the 'temporary' suspension of some rights it will not be long before even the most cherished liberties are white-washed away. Applying thick globs of security with broad brush strokes all to ensure that the citizenry is adequately protected is a favorite excuse to enslave. By vanquishing all vestiges of a free society, outlining the traits of a 'pure' nationalistic character, directing through prolific propaganda, and school curricula, a wellspring of Droid cutouts can be generated, ignorant serfs eager to do their masters biding. This obedience to authority is then drilled into every supplicant destroying their soul, tenacity, determination, and chilling their anger into happy stupidity.

Is this the world we want our children to inherit? A degenerate's dream come true - where the offspring of elite CEO, executive, 'taker' sociopaths destroy at will humanity and planet earth so they can engage in the most inhuman forms of avarice in a criminal society that values nothing - least of all the dignity of humankind.