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Do Not Accept Election Results - Replace Wall Street 1% with Our 99% Society

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Alternative voices are routinely silenced, the big-business media machine is promoting a slimy Wall-Street political insider for President of the United States, all the while the amalgamation of power in this capitalist slave-pen further concentrates in ever more all-powerful corporate empires. Each day it gets harder for our People's Movement to ditch this corrupt 1% Corporate Dictatorship for our egalitarian, equity-based, and bottom-up 24/7 democracy. Oligarchy within specific industries has been rapidly concentrating down to fewer and fewer corporate empires. Just recently AT&T announced their merger with Time-Warner. This $80 billion wedding of two of the largest media/telecoms in an already 1% elite rigged oligarchic propaganda megaphone would make our job of taking back our society that much harder. That is why we need to ratchet up our purple wave of People's Movement individual dissent. Time is not on our side. Our masters are locking down their kingdom. Either we overthrow this planetary corporate empire within the next few months or we can be assured that this capitalist dictatorship will become so powerful that it may become immune to the chain rattling of us labor-slaves.

To counter the concentration of corporate power in ever fewer blue-bloated hands the People's Movement must ramp up our internal and external struggle for 99% freedom. With less-and-less income being injected into our masters' top-heavy economic system the robber-barons are now engaged in a slash-and-burn campaign to oust their smaller corporate princes. This means that in order to survive a manipulated society whereby all the income is sucked up into the vaults of the 1% the CEO executive vermin are now sacrificing their smaller brethren on the capitalist stake to incorporate these shrinking pieces of the income pie into their dominion. They can no longer keep their teetering corporate empires generating evermore quarterly investor mandated profits without eating the smaller fish in the stagnant economic pond. Granted this trend toward ever more concentrated wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer super rich thieves has been the norm for many years but just recently, within the past few months it has reached a fever pace.

This is not a dissertation on the failings of what we already know is a destabilized society dependent upon a debt enriched economic system that leaves the majority income starved. Many other essays on this site have covered in-depth the economic minutiae of this degenerate societal model. What we need now is not the acknowledgement of something we already agree upon. Instead what we require is a plan of action. Time is short with the upcoming anointment of either a CEO 'reformer' who would only give us a gilded cage or the totally bought-and-paid-for Wall Street political puppet who is shining the locks on our cages in eager anticipation of her ascension to the throne. Some way must be found to speed up our internal implosion of this rotten system of economic apartheid. This planetary labor farm must be destroyed. Working harder for ever lower wages in a corporate dictatorship that muzzles our hatred of the status quo by disenfranchising us from all societal institutions is an evil that needs to be vaporized.

Usually it takes me much longer to elaborate my points because of my inherent perfectionist inclinations but this will not be the case in this essay - at least that is my intention. Our time is so short that spending hours on every nuance of an issue will only imped our success. Therefore, here are a few things we must do immediately in order to shore up our movement and eventually win our freedom from corporate slavery.

  • Each of us can spread our movement by seeking out at least 2 people to become followers of our cause

  • Once you have a small intimate group of about 10 - 100 followers elect a coordinator

  • Link your group to other groups via social media or through other more personal means

  • Create local, regional, national, and ultimately an internationally interconnected network

  • Organize anti-government institutions supplanting the existing establishment institutions locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally

  • Do not accept the outcome of the upcoming US Presidential election because the 1% Corporate Dictatorship has rigged it to maintain their power grip over the 99%

  • After the US Presidential election results are announced take to the streets to protest

  • Revolt in a rebellious civil disobedience campaign that promotes supplanting the current 1% shadow government with our anti-government group organized alternatives

  • Any loyalists of the current system of mega-business corporate corruption who do not come over to our side should be ostracized and demonized

Our objective at least in the very-short term should be to expand our purple base of People's Movement followers into an active alternative to the existing government and economic system that perpetuates our continued slavery within corporate fiefdoms. We must supplant all existing societal structures with our own temporary democratic institutions.

The People's Movement that we are all a part of is based upon the undeniable fact that a society is comprised of its individual members. All of us are in effect the society we aspire to create. Our purple is internally transforming this 1% greed focused society into a pure-democracy that values every single human being. We have charted the course to a profoundly interpersonal 24/7 technologically advanced interconnected social-networked civilization. Just by changing the viewpoints of one human being at a time we are becoming an egalitarian society, a global community where everyone is empowered to suggest, vote, and drive progressive positive changes that benefit not just a chosen few rulers but all of humanity.

Let the kings and queens of this global 1% corporate dictatorship become the outsiders unable to wield power over our purple masses. No one will be listening. They will become disconnected islands of deviant thought - a noise in the background that we eventually silence. Unplug their lobbyist, Wall Street, big-business dictated shadow government, and all the associated institutions of corruption they depend upon to maintain their power.

We are already not listening, caring, or being further insulted by this global system of extortion. Ours is the new beginning, the purple saturation of people power that is destroying this despicable labor gulag. All of us have come to realize that we the people are the institutions, the power, and the drivers of the future we desire - not a few brain-dead rich gangsters only wanting to enslave the world for their personal benefit.