Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Distorted Conceptions

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Provide me with an undistorted mind free from misconceptions - free from conceptions derived solely on the exhortations coming from a chorus of 'right thinking' dogmatists.

More evil has been committed over the eons by those refusing to acknowledge the truth, by those who quietly accepted without question, not uttering a peep for fear of rousing the monster. By quietly forgetting, not seeing, not hearing, and sometimes not even understanding what was transpiring right before their eyes the complacent majority gave a blank check to those who gladly committed the most heinous atrocities against their fellow human beings.

In the Soviet Union millions upon millions were employed in the Gulag Archipelago. It was a system of concentration camps that imprisoned, tortured, killed, and mutilated untold numbers of innocent Soviet citizens - by some conservative estimates over 3 million. But amazingly the whole system of hell inspired unrestrained evil was propped up by 'ordinary' indoctrinated citizens transformed into sociopaths who could calmly utter: "Honey I'll be a little late for dinner tonight because I need to attend a special zek torture seminar."

That's the problem; the extraordinary became the ordinary. The profoundly wrong, the righteously correct - the unquestionable 'sane' response of a society operating in the refuse of government inspired terror and propaganda.

This terror that never diminished, having initially paralyzed the citizenry, now turned it into 'sheepishly' docile, accepting, compliant, guarantors of the abnormal; their obtuse 'normal'.

Nazi Germany in the guise of a party that infused itself into the psyche of not just your 'anti-moral' barbarian fiend but the very roots of the society is another well-known example of the abnormal being accepted as the new normal.

History is replete with examples of unquestioning followers who rally with gusto under the shadows of pure evil. For without followers, evil has no soil to take root in and therefore never germinates.

So absolutely, may all of us be granted the ability to see with our own eyes, touch with our own hands, and hear with our own ears; but more importantly understand with clear rational fact seeking minds not influenced by those with addenda's rooted in evil.