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Dissolve Political Parties and Outlaw Lobbyists

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Dissolve all political parties and throw lobbyists from their cushy offices adjacent to nation-state seats of power. Severing the dragon’s two heads will enable a swifter transformation of the societal landscape. Outlaw all forms of coordinated influence peddling. Raze the party apparatus that tangles legislators’ freewill. Leave nothing behind but independent thinkers. Individuals representing the citizens shouldn’t be constrained to act in anything but with the best intentions of their constituents’ desires.

Pride at being a legislator chosen by the majority of citizens to represent a nation-state can only be expressed by respecting the dignity of the office. Honor is internalized; it comes from treasuring liberty, the democratic institutions, and your humble contributions in furthering the principles of freedom through actions that secure a better future for your fellow citizens.

When you enter the hallowed chambers of democratic power to take your seat in the capital of a great nation your exhilaration at being chosen to lead or legislate must be an awe inspiring moment. Nothing can compare to holding the reins of power in a democratic state. Decades, centuries, and sometimes eons of tradition enforce the trust that the citizens place in your hands.

A new legislator mustn’t arrive in the capital of a democracy with any existing societal attachments that would interfere with the exercise of their sacred duties. The history of the particular institution that you’re privileged to expend your wisdom in will have its own associated pull. Yours must be an untarnished tenure that continues a tradition of loyalty to this the citizens’ cathedral.

Nothing must interfere with your duty to the citizenry. Placing personal gain before the sacred duty you must fulfill will only stain the trust of the entire democratic institution. In some cases it has taken centuries to create these proud monuments to the aspirations of a free citizenry. It is therefore imperative that your actions bring honor to this your citizen’s highest expression of conviction in your abilities.

Don’t reflect on what you’ll take away from your time in office. Instead try to comprehend how truly amazing it was to be blessed to serve. Our time is too short to leave behind a legacy of personal aggrandizement. A humble citizen desires to leave a lasting mark on the institutions of their government. They cherish their contributions. A euphoria flows from the knowledge that you unselfishly devoted your entire being to the cause of securing a better future for your fellow citizens.

So break down the barriers that impede the free flow of ideas. Obliterate the superfluous organizations, entanglements, and distractions. The only bond you should need is with your democratic institution. All others interfere with your ability to serve your constituents.