Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Disenfranchised Young People Fight for Future

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Dysfunctional, dishonest, and inequitable governments cannot be transformed into a community of decent representatives bound to the interests of their constituents.

Young people around the world realize that they are disenfranchised from political discourse, thrown to the wolves by their own governments who coddle big banks and multinational companies. Their backs are against the wall, they have nowhere to turn, and they have no future in a world separated by nation-state boundaries.

Connected by social networks of fellows around the globe, exchanging ideas, bound to a common electronic discourse – no concept is alien simply based upon the antiquated boundaries that separate the disenfranchised.

With no job, no prospect of getting a job, not even an inkling that the elites of corporate and governmental institutions comprehend or even care whether they live or die, they take to the streets en-masse across the Middle East, United Kingdom, and the world.

No nation-state is immune from the wrath of those who’ve been cast aside, left to rot without food or hope by elite simpletons basking in unearned glory and wealth.

A “People’s Revolution” is in full swing across a benighted planet. The young who’ve been the torchbearers of all revolutions from time immemorial are frustrated that their voices aren’t being heard. They’re no longer content to wait patiently while tyrants proclaim incremental change, disconnected ‘experts’ tweak dysfunctional pseudo-science equations, and corporate thieves raid nation-state Treasuries.

A global awareness is dawning. The supplicant is demanding freedom. Not the illusion, not the ruse, not the crumbs thrown down from elite autocrats, but the pure brilliantly colorful passion of unfettered liberty.