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The People’s Movement Equals Disenfranchised Global Citizens

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Most of the unrest around this sphere stems from the limited avenues for personal advancement available to the majority of the population. With income being channeled directly to a controlling top 1% of super-wealthy manipulators it is becoming increasing difficult for everyday working citizens to eke out a living. Frustration builds to the point of eruption. Having no other outlet the former constituents, citizens without a voice, are forced to take to the streets, the only place where a disenfranchised majority is able to express their seething discontent with the dysfunctional status quo.

Recently, dictators have suggested that the “People’s Movement” is a right-wing Fascist organization with ties to the United States government. This is patently untrue. Big businesses that orchestrate global affairs to enhance their stranglehold on our planet perpetuate this lie. Citizens joining hands en mass, billions organically reacting to years of accelerating inequality and subjugation must be led to believe that some nefarious organization is spurring global citizens to express dissatisfaction with their elite rulers. Don’t want the serfs to be singularly involved in the elimination of an unjust socio-economic system that places them in a perpetually subservient position – this threatens the privileged positions of the castle dwellers.

Granted, certain governments like the United States are more democratic – for now, firmly planted in a soil of unencumbered self-expression. But let’s not delude ourselves, even the United States that was for decades the progenitor of small business Capitalism and democratic ideals is swiftly degenerating into an elite special-interest mega-rich controlled banana republic.

The erosion of essential safeguards against a now extremely pervasive invasion of privacy and a governmental apparatus that fails to address the concerns of hardworking Americans is a touchstone on the road too an absolute totalitarianism. With the shift from small business to large Oligarchic Capitalism that occurred after the 1970’s and the saturation of all industries by just a handful of dominant mega-sized firms the United States is no longer able to stimulate any unique and creative process – it just blindly travels down the road to oblivion. This is very hard to accept, the disintegration of the democratic fabric of one’s own country, but it is essential that we not delude ourselves: we are witnessing the advanced stage of the decline of a once great democratic superpower.

We the underserved, disregarded, disenfranchised, low-wage serfs – the former citizens of a blue-planet with so much promise are completely on our own without any support from any governmental entity. If support is forthcoming it will undoubtedly be with strings attached – chains that lead back to the international elite cabal that will exact a steep price for any assistance they extend through their puppet nation-state administrations.

So how are income-starved citizens supposed to survive even when they’ve successfully overthrown corrupt governments like the despicable bejeweled sultan’s club in Ukraine? Our only objective course through the maze that is an elaborate scheme to supplant majority rule with mega-business elite rule is to recognize that we must draw strength from each other. It is imperative that any newly constituted “People’s Movement” governments must link up with their kin. Also, if much needed help is offered by the United States and the EU it should be made clear that shackling the people with obscene amounts of debt even before the new nation-states have found their foothold will only accelerate the global economic deterioration that will further red-line big business profits.

CorpGov, the global elite infrastructure that leaches wealth from a contrived economic system superimposed over an illusory democratic framework fully understands that stability must be maintained across its vast network of economically dependent ‘properties’. If the CorpGov income rape of the general population is to accelerate without a break in the year over year billions pumped into 1% coffers then ignorant disconnected workers mustn’t be troubled by externalities like Russian invasion. Essentially, any newly constituted “People’s Movement” nation-state that can shore up a relatively stable replacement government is definitely in the position to negotiate with the devil that is CorpGov.

Remember, the ethereal entity that we’ve named CorpGov is doomed to failure because it bases its success on distorting the world’s economy to its exclusive benefit. An economy is a self-correcting social construct that must have a vibrant all-inclusive majority of the population actively participating and receiving an equitable share of the fruits of their labor. Without a fair distribution of income freely spread across the entire economic substrate the system cannot be described as an economy but instead is a mere contrivance by gangsters to enrich themselves at the expense of those who they control. This is a system doomed to failure for it is not self-perpetuating: it is akin to cannibalism but instead of feeding on flesh it feeds on an evaporating income stream.

Enlisting the help of the devil might be unsavory but if it ensures the survival of the “People’s Movement” and our unabated spread of representative equality based majority inclusion then embrace this tactic without reservation.

The CorpGov monstrosity with its inherent disregard for unperturbed reality has been collapsing since its inception. Our objective is to outlast a system that is destined to become extinct. Let our purple, the color of a unified planetary movement instill courage in billions who risk all in order to reach a better future.