Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Dethrone the 1% Parasites, Shadow Government, and Corporate Dictatorships

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Revolution in our transformative People's Movement Fifth Column is an ongoing process that is the gradual assimilation of vast numbers of planetary citizens into our belief system. Unlike capitalism that rests on a bedrock of majority exploitation our creed is securely rooted in a civilizationist civilization that cherishes egalitarianism, dignity, respect, and decency. Simply put, what our purple powered wave of discontent has accomplished across this big-business exploited world is astounding - we in our circle of ever widening communities have become the agents of our own inspired change. No longer content to wait for benefits that might trickle down like an economy that just drips imperceptible drops of income into our paychecks we have actualized our own change within a Fifth Column embedded in every facet of this degenerate Neanderthal club-in-hand capitalist society. Destabilized capitalism enthrones the corporate entity, CEOs, executives, major investors, and all the other bloodsucking parasites that feast off of our hard work leaving us more financially impoverished with every passing day. Only a tiny minority of 1% royalists benefit from this despicable system of extortion. Globalism, 'free' trade, the 'free' market system, all the slogans that evoke visions of unfettered democracy are instead Orwellian "doublespeak" terms that mean the polar opposite of freedom - they are code words used by "The Establishment" to propagandize the general population into complacency while they and their bandits reach around and empty your wallet or purse.

Individuals who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of 'democratically' based capitalism are instead trounced on by favored corporate 'individuals' who are shielded, benefited, and promoted by their money bag toting "Establishment" propaganda mouthpieces in the mainstream media and transnational controlled lobbyist directed governments. Contrary to the well-crafted media spin coming from Goebbels like slander mills attempting to dampen the disillusionment of the masses with fabricated 'facts-and-figures' about the strength of the economy when we look deeper, consider our own blighted financial state, we only find a rotted out husk that is unable to sustain any meaningful growth because much needed income is being strip-mined and hauled up top to the greedy castle dwelling wealth hoarders.

An army of yarn spinners, media parrots who squawk off scrips rolling slowly on teleprompters keep us focused upon any imminent terrorist attack, happy successful citizens who play by the rules, just about any distraction so that the 1% 'takers' can rape us of all income, hope, and desire with barely a whimper pushing past our limp lips. They tell us that positive change is unrealistic. The too-rich-to-give-a-damn gang has ordered their media bards to write fairy tales about how utterly impossible it is to change this culture. Coupling those squishy lumps of pond scum gushing endlessly from propaganda central with a stinking pile of sun ripened Spam that just about every day gushes forth like the 'Alien' baby from the innards of the parasitically infected and join this with a blessed revelation in the form of a North Korea like 'news item' triumphantly extolling the brilliant accomplishments, and prosperity that only a 'taker' feudalism like this could have brewed in its cauldron and you have the makings of corporatist heaven or hell depending on your placement in the tiered manacle. But with the "Alien" baby running wild around our ratty apartments and our guts sloshing around before our very eyes it all seems like a nightmare that is outside reality, a lifelong prison sentence that we slog through each day.

Clothing the "Alien" baby is out of the question. Feeding it is beyond our means. The fast approaching squalor will be our "new normal" negating any purchases other than subsistence food staples, gas to travel to and from work, rent, phone, and assorted debt payments. Looking at our empty wallets and paychecks that have not changed perceptibly for many decades those of us in the money pit unable to afford outlandishly rising medical insurance premiums and the raids by profit hungry capitalists who are always looking to take middle and lower income citizens to the cleaners just laugh at the ridiculous rosy economic figures and forecasts coming out of the shadow government caretaker facade.

Many a prediction of these crystal ball readers have been so far off mark that rolling a dice would have been just as accurate. Desperation is now setting-in at propaganda central. The weavers of outlandish fantasies about the boundless prosperity, great jobs, improving quality of life, and lower prices for most of what we buy just is not being swallowed like we used to swill down their feel-good juice. What is an experienced propagandist to do when no one is listening to their current frolic through happy land? When you are working on base emotions just pullout the happiness recording and insert the "thankful to be here even though it is an autocratic big-business ruled disintegrating capitalist mess". This is a tried and true approach that has been faithfully employed by truth police masters from some of the most disrespected dictatorships ever to contaminate this aqua ball. Get your subjects, all those sniveling labor slaves trembling in fear. That is the ticket to glassy eyed passivity, a restorative that will inculcate a feeling of shared sacrifice among the population. Like the terrorists lurking in our closets who are ready to take most of us out at any moment, and the baby-handed Trumpzila that is crushing whole stretches of civil discourse in his wake with only Super Cruz standing in his way. Playing the fear card is the bad cop working us over after the good cop has failed. For added spice inject a dose of titillation. After Trumpzila has scaled the Empire State Building with the beauty who he eventually marries show her off in a frontal nude. Parade Supercruz's wife in an unflattering paste-on next to Trumpzila's model slave a few days later so a bunch of media scandalmongers can incite another death brawl between these two 'goliaths'. Now that is the perfect turn of the twisted dirty spoon that will discharge all intelligent discourse into the vacuum of farcicality.

Masterful is the only word that comes to mind to describe the expert onrush of sensationalism coming from propaganda headquarters for it has dominated news outlet coverage for the past few days. No talk about the issues of importance to debt strapped struggling citizens falling rapidly into poverty because of rapacious income-inequality precipitated by gluttonous low-to-middle income eating carnivores who are amassing vast empires of wealth derived from our endless toil in their Capitalist Dictatorships is ever discussed. What we get is more close ups, grander pixel images of the glorious nude of Trumpzila's model wife, happy stories of entrepreneurs who have made it to the big time with that extra-large pigs' trough, and whatever the Trumpzila and Supercruz have dredged up from their deep dark lagoon of forest decay.

Now if you are interested or the least bit intrigued about real solutions to the real problems that you confront in this worldwide labor camp for the upper class called capitalism you will have to consult your People's Movement writings that have many revolutionary proposals for exulting the laborers and their cousins in the middle to lower classes. On this site it is my hope that you will find intellectually stimulating essays, short stories, and novelettes. Having spent close to nine years conveying my dreams and aspirations of how we can collectively built a brighter, egalitarian, and evenhanded future from the ashes of this failed exploitative capitalist society, with a few missteps along the way, it is clear to me that we are closer than we have ever been to cleaning out the reprehensible shadow government corruption and corporate socialism that has destroyed what little democracy we once enjoyed. On the rise is our collective voice. Each and every one of us makes up the purple power that is sweeping away this perverse society. All of us carry with us a rich belief system resting firmly in egalitarian principles, saturated in dignity, respect, and decency, symbolized by the three purple slashes of the People's Movement emblem. The color purple is our touchstone of unity that refers to the collective spirit of people just like you within our Fifth Column. We are freeing capitalist slaves from their propaganda infused religion by exposing to them the truth about their condition. Unfortunately, if you are looking for sensationalist nonsense like barking, cursing, pictures of nude model wives, racism, ethnocentrism, or hate festivals then you have come to the wrong place. We are an all-inclusive color blind, truly worldwide belief system that has adherents from many of the four corners and hinterlands of the planet. There is no room in our People's Movement for those who spout hate or promote nonsensical demagogic ranting incoherent dishonesty. Looking for an assurance that your capitalist warden will continue to give you your allotted portion of gruel when you rattle your cup on the bars then you should freshly wash your woolen orange jumpsuit so that it is nice and spiffy for Trumpzila or another of "The Establishment" shadow government approved U.S. Presidential primary contenders. But if you are seeking real intermediary changes leading to a permanent revolutionary redefinition of what it means to be free then your only choice is the candidate who has devoted his life to social justice and liberty for all - Bernie Sanders.

Not only is the political process tainted by big-money but the whole society is geared towards serving the interests of these superrich pampered spoiled brats. Those of us in the People's Movement who are ordinary run-of-the-mill citizens that you meet, work with, consult, or depend upon everyday understand how difficult it is to unravel all "The Establishment" signals that come at you from billboards, on the Internet, T.V., radio, and a host of other propaganda laced sources. You realize there is something very wrong with how you lead your life when you never get ahead but fall further behind while the filthy-rich get handsome raises sometimes worth millions, bonuses that are enough to buy a fleet of BMWs, and compensation fast-approaching the trillion dollar mark - somehow it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that you and all the rest of us are being screwed. No matter what we call these modern day monarchs kings and queens by any other name are still bloodsuckers that drain society without ever contributing a single relevant product or service. With our level of technology there is no rational reason to keep paying these sociopaths in the upper echelon of corporate thievery exorbitant compensation packages just to bamboozle the world into believing they are indispensable, somehow an integral component of business operations. Every single aspect of what capitalists' deem to be irreplaceable upper management tasks can now be easily done by a computer system integrated into an internal business social network. An administrative layer linked into the organization's social/business network that is the worker owned firm's democratic nexus is all that a civilizationist business requires for handling the accounting, marketing, and other assistive subsidiary business functions. All hierarchically structured forms of social control like the top-heavy pyramidal dominance chain found throughout capitalist society can be replaced by bottom-up purely democratic completely participatory systems in an egalitarian social network comprised of a multitude of self-governance channels.

Envision a society where each and every one of us is the daily driver of our own destiny instead of spectators in a bystander oriented society that condones predatory enslavement by an upper echelon of capitalists. Being absolutely free without any constraints other than following a few guidelines meant to ensure community cohesion within a purely democratic environment will finally mean that instead of being used and abused then chucked aside we will all be empowered. The majority population will take what is rightfully theirs and build their society the way they deem best. Everyone, no matter what their initial socioeconomic status will chart their own undiluted outcomes. Managers, political party bosses, CEOs, or other vested interests eager to profit by taking advantage of us in a systemically corrupt capitalist society will find that in a civilizationist society they will be contributing like the rest of us to the betterment of the whole society. In our new bottom-up democracy the quality of life for all citizens will dramatically improve because money, talent, and hard work will be spread across the entire population and not concentrated in an overworked, underpaid, and unrepresented class of labor slaves toiling in a collection of 'private' Corporate Dictatorships. Grand investments in the broader nation-state community will make the living of life easier for the vast majority that for so long thought no improvement in their unrelenting drudgery was possible. We all knew that by letting the filthy-rich well-connected capitalists cart off all the income and wealth that would leave barely enough money in the economy to fix the potholes in our crumbling roads, repair the collapsing bridges, and fund essential government services.

You are probably starting to understand the full scope and breadth of what it means to make such a profound paradigm shift - from a parasitic primitive societal construct like capitalism to an egalitarian community oriented fully participatory modern civilization like civilizationism. Culturally civilizationism is a hands-on instead of a spectator societal construct. Within a capitalist society the majority population is required to be docile, compliant, and supportive of the upper echelon royalty. Workers and citizens are indoctrinated to be flag waving, anthem singing, and unquestioning spectators that always root for their team, be it at work or during their off-hours away from the job when watching sporting events.

Those who are fortunate enough to call themselves free men and women are never spectators. They are molded from participatory genes that have sprung up over many generations imparting a burning need to directly shape their own future within 24/7 bottom-up effusive democracies that have no artificial or solid boundaries. Constraints to liberty are only found in cultures that have not completely moved away from authoritarian leadership structures. Truly democratic societal superstructures that are prevalent across an enlightened genuinely free social body need the active participation of every member of a diverse multifarious community interchanging ideas and controlling their own avenues of shared advancement. These open and collaborative civilizations have no concept of an absolute leader. Free individuals thriving in a truly democratic society like a civilizationist civilization find the idea of being ruled from above repulsive and repugnant. They are so used to handling their own affairs inside a congenial set of communities that they have close ties too that the mere suggestion that there are deviant highly manipulative hierarchically organized degenerative societal structures that enslave the majority population is inconceivable, a frightening pitiable condition. Societal charades that pass themselves off as free cultures through the use of propaganda bombardment like this capitalist feudal derivative are thankfully very rare among sentient cultures. Most of the time they are short-lived historical blips that are snuffed out by a majority population that gets fed up with taking orders from a gluttonous few spoiled brats who have self-anointed themselves absolute rulers over all they survey. These are societies that are obtuse, highly organized systems of autocratic minority plunder. The only words that can adequately describe this monstrosity of parasitic resource and income strip mining conducted by the 1% minority sliver of the population under the guise of democracy are: obscenely disgusting. How dare these mobsters of the shadow government elitism use the word "democracy" to describe even a floating dust particle of this clearly autocratic realm of vulture capitalism that picks the bones clean from a subjugated fearful majority population forced to work longer hours for less money at jobs in Corporate Dictatorships and then spend a few measly hours at home where they yet again play the obedient unresponsive spectator when government puppets, and political parties bosses shove them further into tyranny.

A central piece of advice is in order: Never discount or disbelieve the power of the populous to rally late to a cause. We will fight tenaciously if we feel that we have been taken advantage of by a privileged few pleasure seekers. Time and time again throughout the history of humankind dramatic shifts in public opinion have changed the mood of the populous from acceptance of despotism with its unreasonable violations of our privacy, to determination to push the oppressors out to sea. Prolific propaganda that is always emphasizing how free a group of citizens are is a double edged sword. We may be suckered into believing a fabricated dishonesty that may quell dissension for long stretches of time. Watch out, for we may explode like a volcano cleansing everything in our path like molten lava if we construe even for a moment that we have been lied to - especially if it was a pattern of lies concocted by a group whose central purpose for being is to plunder us of all hard won liberties, income, and wealth. In the final analysis all of us who are chained slaves have awakened from our long sleep only to find that we have been denied liberty and shoved overboard by "The Establishment" vampires. We are now castaways on some deserted island no longer connected to the mainland political processes, utterly disenfranchised from our governments that are now under the complete control of mega-businesses and sociopath megalomaniac billionaire lords.

But like a slumbering giant the masses of downtrodden shoved in the gutter, the voiceless labor slaves and others in the general population have arisen in a tidal wave of purple revolution that is sweeping aside all the lobbyists, propagandists, shadow government superrich autocrats, and anyone else connected to this most heinous crime against humanity - the enslavement of billions just so the crown princes of the capitalist faith can raid vibrant communities of all that they own and treasure - even justice, that throws these banksters and capitalist vultures into a deep dark dungeon.

Like all things that seem easily accomplished on the surface the supreme spoiled rich boys and girls club miscalculated. Being arrogant adherents to their own prolific propaganda they actually thought that their capitalist society would endure indefinitely. This was their first and final mistake. Change is a central part of this universe. Just when you think nothing will change for the better or the status quo will last for eons watch out for a swarm of angry people will come out of nowhere to sack your happy little kingdom. It may be difficult because of the brilliant saturation campaign used by "The Establishment" public opinion spin masters at propaganda central but with the advent of the Internet and social media the people's truth is able to overpower the nonsense and lies vomiting from all the mainstream media orifices. Our defining moment came when the majority population across this locked-up slave gulag finally saw their masters for who they really were - stupid, hedonistic, egotistical, power hungry, racist, ethnocentric tyrants bent upon accumulating all wealth, income, and power in their tiny little hands. Not often is an entire world's population able to turn their situation around from autocracy to pure freedom but in this instance it seems plausible to suggest that the people of planet Earth will be able to extricate themselves from this oppressive parasitic and utterly degenerate society.

To achieve this herculean goal we must not relax for a moment after winning victories, for our opponents in the halls of gluttony have a kingly fortune that they are spending to suppress truth, slander and blackball outspoken underlings, and buyout a large swath of any part of "The Establishment" that needs reminding who rules this Corporatist slave camp. There can be no letup in the pressure that the populous is putting on the wielders of power. We must not release our grip from around their bulging necks for if we slacken our vice-grip hold they will come at us like raging maniacs ready to rip us to pieces.

You must keep in mind that these rulers, like the Trumpzila, are not normal sane individuals but sociopaths with a potpourri of deviant behavioral traits. They actually cling to the insane belief that they are entitled to stomp upon anyone, steal with impunity, insult, and do whatever they deem necessary without any constraints. To enhance their own aggrandizement, wealth, and power these single-minded gluttonous hedonists will employ the most devious and destructive tactics. Those in the executive hive will slash workers from their payroll just to meet the yearly triple digit millions bump-up in pay that they and their fellow royalists feel they deserve just for being part of the income raiding party. Hiring more labor slaves from the reserve worker pool expands the number of slave positions but does nothing to alleviate the staggering poverty of the working poor and the widespread income inequality across this mid-to-lower class income deprived exploitation riddled capitalist society.

In any decent society these crown princes would already be locked up safely behind many layers of security quietly taking their daily dose of antipsychotics and stretched out for many couch sessions with psychiatrists. Weird that in a twist of fate these sociopaths are our 'glorious' leaders that the rest of us bow down to when their flower throwing red carpet strutting procession proudly passes. Trumpeters hail the almighty leader's omnipotence over all bottomscrapping labor slaves by playing the company anthem in its tonal splendor. Ascending the platform the bejeweled island and gigantic plane collector sends shivers through the bent spines of his subjects when he starts to pontificate because they know their lives hang in the balance for in Corporate Dictatorships there is no democracy. Their worst fears are confirmed when his holiness announces a round of layoffs like the 4,500 axed at Boeing this past week. A flash of pious pity animates the ruler's face when he says he has no choice but to terminate these working serfs to safeguard this year's round of executive bonuses. Off in the distance other corporate dictators are rampaging unopposed through the defenseless corporate owned towns, in the corporate owned states, in the corporate owned country, across the corporate owned world. Without penalties these petty emperors legally rape an entire planet of its resources and vitality. Actions that in any sane society would be illegal are legal in this big-business ruled upside down mess that the locals call a 'democracy'.

You should feel strange right about now realizing that your whole life has been a carefully constructed sham to work you to death so the lords of the manor can build more palaces, stuff more cash in offshore and Swiss bank accounts, and destroy the environment leaving all of us to face the consequences of a fairy tale economy and a rapidly heating up soon to be charcoal briquette. Better to wake up now and face the facts than to find that your legal shackles have also become steel manacles bolted into concrete. Granted, it is a sad realization that your entire existence was nothing more than a cleverly fashioned sham created by biologically askew psychopaths that could give a damn about you, your family, this beautiful blue planet, or anything else that does not involve their small groping hands piling more loot atop the mountains that are already stacked to capacity.

Hiring and the overall monthly job figures coming out of the U.S. Labor Department would have you believe that all is marvelous in our happy business kingdom. Supposedly, everyone has a big-broad smile on their face working harder than ever so their master employers can rake more of their constantly declining lower real wage savings into the Wall Street financial casino or inside the vault of a tiny island bank that is also a tax haven for the rich. Did you ever consider that maybe if many more Americans are getting jobs that they are just working for paychecks that cover less-and-less of an always increasing cost-of-living? That maybe we are at the cusp of an impending humanitarian disaster, an inflection point of imminent change, a prelude to the time, when labor slaves working for peanuts become the steel shackled property of the capitalist pirates working for nothing but a moldy piece of bread thrown over the barbed wire. You must recall all those cherry picked rosy economic forecasts that just happen to coincide with the home stretch of this year's U.S. Presidential election. The government never tells you about the burgeoning poverty of the general population or those struggling to pay skyrocketing insurance premiums with high deductibles on policies not worth the paper they are written on, how rent is going through the roof, and how day-to-day expenses are rocketing higher making it harder for citizens to pay their daily living expenses without going further into debt. The 'blossoming' of the economy, or at least those portions that are conveniently highlighted by lobbyist spin-doctors sewed to the hips of a bought-out big-business controlled government couldn't possibly have anything to do with the Obama Administration's attempt to prop up Hillary Clinton's recent loss of six out of the last seven Democratic state primaries.

Change is essential. An entire populous locked-down into a theft oriented culture where a few ultra-thieves up top pay to have their media propagandists slay the truth is a backwoods gangster club society that needs to be destroyed. Lobbyists who are the purveyors of 'taker' edicts, doctrine and a whole host of schemes to take our money and what little rights we have need to be rounded up after fair trials by a jury and shipped off to native villages in the Amazon or the Arctic Circle. There is no excuse for allowing these mobsters to keep sinking us further into a hole as they are telling us how spectacular we have it - that all is well in this beloved democracy even though we know this to be a crock. Capitalist society is dysfunctional, a degenerative calamity based cycle of extreme ups and downs with opportunist sociopaths ready to plunge it into deeper ravines just so they can play the role of CEO potentates.

Every fiber of our being, the embodiment of our desires, the economy, political system, how we treat others, what we value, our religious beliefs especially whether our preferred god is vengeful or easygoing is a reflection of our society. There is nothing that is not derived from your society.

Crucial to the changes that we need to make to bring about an egalitarian society where all citizens prosper from their individual efforts instead of just a few privileged 'takers' is to first seize all existing businesses that have six or more employees and immediately transfer ownership and all operations over to the workers of the firms. Tearing out the exploitative upper layers of management in these top-heavy hierarchically controlled autocratic dictatorships will free up unbelievable amounts of income that can be redirect to the underpaid laborers. This is much needed income that will flow back into an income starved economy stimulating income generation throughout our new civilizationist society.

Not only is the freeing up of income that will start flowing again in a genuine economy important to the success of our civilization but also the liberation of all citizens in a ubiquitous bottom-up 24/7 democracy. Empowering all participants in an egalitarian civilization will be a frivolous exercise in futility if it is not coupled with the establishment of communities of laborers in their perspective business associations who have absolute discretion over how all product and service revenue is allocated to the factors-of-production, expenses, and salaries. No longer under the thumb of a parasitic management layer always receiving double and triple-digit salary increases added to already exorbitant paychecks workers and the citizenry at large could plow this extra cash from higher wages back into the communities that they live in, into bank accounts so loans can be made, and especially into an economy that will rapidly expand producing excellent new jobs within other worker owned and operated business associations. Having replaced the executive CEO type 'filler' positions with honest administrative contributors, many trillions of dollars that were previously fritted away in the financial markets - the casinos of the rich - will be released into a real economy. This will substantially increase the pay of every single worker who will continue to invest in their businesses because they have a vested interest in the continued success of these enterprises. With the revitalization of community spirit a corollary positive outcome of a 24/7 democratic highly participatory civilizationist society most citizens who are once again the only constituents of their governments will be proud to pay a fair share of their income in taxes to maintain universal healthcare, a national and someday international maglev-train system, and a K-Master's university education for every citizen able to meet basic enrollment criteria. These are just a sampling of the quality-of-life improvements that a People's Movement purple hued government could make once we get the upper-class 1% elitists off our backs - chopped off their entangled suckers from all nation-state edifices after we have laid ruin to their hideous 'bleeder' culture.

Clearly there are abundant resources that are already available to address our crumbling infrastructure and a decades neglected general population sunk deeper into poverty with each passing year. Instead of this bounty of resources being diverted to a corrupt too-rich-to-give-a-damn mob of income and wealth scammers who have rigged up a capitalist society to favor their exaltation and grotesque pillage of all of us in the 99% we will for the first time democratically determine how we want to spend and invest our reclaimed money. Many people formally left out in the cold in an economy and society that just catered to the rich will finally be able to advance long shelved dreams, enjoy a dramatic improvement in their quality of life, and have less stress filled happier lives by clawing back their governments from the lobbyists and building a 24/7 democratic civilizationist society.

Why stop there. We should drag back from the superrich all the wealth and income that they stole from the general population. This treasure trove of trillions of dollars will be better spent on building our new egalitarian civilization than ensuring that these wasteful monsters have a splendid luxury filled first-class life. This will be another crucial step of a few first steps that must be taken once we move from the transition phase that Bernie Sanders will lead into the revolutionary stage that will stimulate the socio-politico-economic bridging from a capitalist to a civilizationist civilization. After we have crossed from capitalism over the chasm into our bottom-up general population run democratic society we will jettison the cannibalistic capitalist structures and blow up the bridge so that we are never again tempted to objectify the desires of a few who wish to exist on the efforts of the many. Every societal edifice will be redesigned to reflect the preeminence of the individual over any business association or other artificial legal entity. Laws and political processes will also be rewritten to encompass the precepts of a fully empowered electorate that through an effusive 24/7 democracy will be the unabridged adjudicators of their destiny. Superstructures that were designed under the now vanquished carnivorous rich excrescence that was capitalism and all the interlinked financialized economic contrivances fused to stock markets, shadow markets, and other deviant forms of gambling dreamed up by our 1% overlords will be vaporized, leaving not even a trace of dust. This will be a joyous moment for the many billions of us forced to cower before a despicable, arrogant, and intellectually inferior bunch of rich spoiled brats who always laughed heartily at our misfortune. Vengeance will be sweet and long overdue.

Do you now know who has robbed you of a decent lifestyle? Can you visualize the persona of a CEO 'taker' type royalist? Maybe you see the pompous Donald Trump strutting with tiny hands flailing and mouth spouting idiocy? Whatever self-important 'it's-all-mine' 'taker' you visualize it is indisputable that the societal institutions, the laws, high-paid lawyers, congressional sellouts, and all the rest of this capitalist malevolent malignancy assisted and contributed to keeping these morons in power. That is why it is imperative our elected representatives to a People's Movement government transitional Liberty Convention/Congress analyze every institution, law, and capitalist social edifice to determine if it is needed and if so what classless non-exploitative state it may need to be transformed into so that when we cross over into our egalitarian civilizationist civilization it exclusively serves the peoples' interests. Unaligned experts fully detached from any bonds to former elite special interests will be consulted.

Too realize any meaningful change that empowers each and every single individual capitalist society must first be vaporized, not a whiff of its sickening odor should be detected. Like cancer, capitalist society will reemerge if it is not entirely wiped out. No cells must remain to damage the healthy host. Any remnant of this sociopathic malignancy called capitalism that is left intact will spread silently with little evidence of its diffusing rot. Once identified it would be too late to remedy the societal destruction, our regression back into the filthy-rich parasitism, and the roller coaster slash-and-burn cyclicality of capitalist society would begin anew. The general population would again be devoured in gluttonous mouthfuls by princely sociopaths. That is why no superpacs, special interests, or other distributors of dirty money and favors can be allowed to percolate up from any subterranean holes of our new civilization. We should allow nothing that could spawn a new crop of lobbyists willing to commit treason. Therefore, it should be a felony punishable by twenty years to life to lobby or elicit special interest favors from any elected or non-elected government official.

During the transition to a civilizationist civilization it is anticipated that we will develop the social skills necessary to enhance civic participation. Civic engagement will be our societal lubricant - the essential ingredient of our 24/7 civilizationist democracy. The capitalist royalty, over many decades, was able to incite discord and suspicion across ethnic, racial, national, and any other easily exploitable difference that could be used to keep us at each other's throats. A mega-business media-machine has always been primed to highlight disunity in the ranks of the general populous. Keeping our attention focused elsewhere, away from the central issues dominating our daily struggle in a cut-throat society, on those 'others' causing all our problems, the bogymen disrupting our trips around the rats wheel, left "The Establishment" free to turn-down-the-screws bit-by-bit, tighten the shackles little-by-little. Ethnocentricity has been "The Establishment's" most used wedge to stop the general population from uniting.

Individualism has been the elixir that our capitalist masters promoted as the saintly trait of all successful entrepreneurs who just happened to excel in a subversive anti-democratic environment that enslaves their fellows. Because entrepreneurs were already antisocial sociopaths they were well suited to screw all the rest of us out of our last dimes. Too survive long-term; humanity must form a cohesive community that is fused to many other communities at work, in our neighborhoods, and across many porches and dining rooms. A planetary social connectedness needs reigniting. Our natural but long dormant human need to connect with others not just on the web but face to face and sometimes cheek to cheek will be how we build lasting relationships that bind us to tight up close circles but also distant connections of mutual reciprocity that the Internet is indispensable in facilitating.

Our increasing solitary lifestyle is why it has been so easy to enforce a deviant and often times precarious existence that demands obsessive over accumulation of commodities. No introverted prisoner will ever step outside the bounds set by the warden especially if he cannot trust his fellow inmates. Constantly made aware of how different all those others are, the lone individual will be leery of breaking from the expected behavior. The obedient labor automatons that the Capitalist Dictators reward with pats on the back or with treats will do their jobs without questioning why they get nothing while their masters get everything. Just like a dog, they will roll over for their masters, who will usually give them a chewy delight. You never know when someone will rat on you to the warden. So getting a special treat is better than getting canned because you are a divergent troublemaker who is promoting intelligent rebellion in the other slaves. That is why most individuals just keep to themselves swinging their hammer faithfully at the rock query without uttering a single word. Days will pass uneventfully until there release into retirement - the fulfilment of a sentence that they will either enjoy or suffer in quiet destitution.

Grand plans do break down, grind to a screeching halt even those clever deceptions concocted by "The Establishment" - not all commandants are equally expert at implementing a detailed gulag camp blueprint. The machine does malfunction periodically. Slipshod architectural designs coming from shadow government headquarters can throw a wrench into the most elaborate conceptualization. Just like all other least cost, cheap output businesses that are endlessly seeking to lower their labor bill deeper into the gutter the combined result being poor quality outputs that do not even meet minimum baseline requirements do crop up more often than our overlords would care to admit. Transnational seats of corporate power are increasingly ruled by ignorant and incompetent executives not cognizant of what is happening around them. Laziness sets in, when there are no more challenges, money is plentiful, and wealth is abundant. Not so with our hungry, constantly challenged intellects who are never sure if they will be terminated by their almighty corporate taskmaster or allowed to work another day for a couple dark hard pinto beans and biscuits. That is how we in our combined efforts are bringing down this planetary system of pillage. Decadence is our friend. Throughout history the ruling class not having a care in the world, engaging in the most obscene luxuries and deviant behaviors, without needing to learn anything but how to take advantage of others have become vegetables unable to form the most elementary of associations, logical assumptions, and cognitive generalizations. A perfect example is Donald Trump, the CEO poster child of ignorance, egotism, decadence, and vulgarisms. This guy is the personification of the inferior twits who are running the show. It is frightening knowing that "The Donald" is just your run-of-the-mill corporate autocrat come out for a little political fun. We are not surprised that these income and wealth appropriators have no inkling of what enlightened thought or positions might be because we have seen their kind climb the ranks of the rusty ladder. Invariably their sweep of cogent activity is mired in idioms, stereotypes, fallacies, gossip, fantasy, fabrications, jingoisms, and capitalist gospel. Those of us in the downtrodden majority who have had to struggle through the minefields of this top-heavy 'taker' society are already able to spot a cloud dwelling outlaw who has come down to grace us with their presence - a billionaire from the nosebleed heights of wealth and power.

Just like all the excellent intellects, creative geniuses, and others in the underling world who are wasted, caste aside, so some deviant simpleton can crush their backs on their body walk to the top, capitalism wastes, and trashes just about all that it touches. Waste is the operative word of capitalist society. Buy a cheaply made piece of crap from China. Replace this failing or now obsolescent junk in two to three years with a shinier, more gadget clad, and fad crazed item. That old slag pellet that you stood in line for overnight on que from "The Establishment's" marketing blitz now hits your trash can destined like billions more past their prime to pollute our oceans and landfills. Long before the planet turns into a bright red ball of fire on account of our ignoring and marching to the capitalist beat we will be buried underneath our own garbage. How cool is that, we will be able to reach our hands up through the refuse heap and grab some old 'relic' from a couple of years ago that happened to be the most sought after toy of its time.

Even more exciting will be the debt load that you will have incurred to accumulate all these flashy production line rejects because of inadequate income reaching your paycheck. Add to this staggering amount the meltdown of your credit balances when you were laid-off in the numerous bust cycles of this 'infallible' capitalist 'miracle'. So when you hear some puppet politician, stoolie to the 1% powerbrokers who rule this benighted blue sphere cackle about how the "U.S. never stopped being great" teach this distorter of reality a lesson by withholding your vote. Show this object of filthy-rich adulation that you are not a stupid backwoods cave squatter wielding a club and grunting incoherently.