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Earth Cannot Sustain This Current Level of Destructive Economic Strip-Mining

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Stagnation, a condition of perpetual stasis, the regurgitation of accepted big-business economic doctrine, and a societal snapshot that never changes is the result of a system of upper-class privilege that can only be maintained by leeching off of the disenfranchised, muzzled, and obedient general population. There is no democracy without fairness. Every citizen should be empowered to voice their opinions free from retribution. Income streams from businesses should flow directly to the workers without being siphoned off by a 1% CEO mobster class. Without undiluted citizen control over their own destiny there is no democracy. Any culture that falls short of these rudimentary requirements of modern egalitarian civilization is nothing more than an autocracy masquerading as a democratic society.

Going round and round in circles about why a few well-placed masters of the capitalist realm are so necessary to the functioning of business does nothing to address the central premise of the People's Movement that these 1% opportunists have no legitimate claim to a firm's income stream. Only the laborers of a business add value to its operation by creating the output in the form of products and services. CEO executive vultures are unessential waste that can be jettisoned from businesses. These feudal holdouts are worthless slugs completely useless to technologically modern organizations. There just is not any rational reason to keep what amounts to a lordly class of royalty around sucking dry all the income, wealth, and planetary resources. Expel this flotsam from all positions of power and claw back all the wealth that they have misappropriated from this planet's citizenry.

Clearly, what we are faced with is endemic widespread degeneration of every facet of capitalist society. No part of this destabilized conveyance of favors and wealth going to a power and wealth hungry pack of hyenas can ever achieve a classless symbiosis, a stability that ensures equal opportunity and sustainable consumerism. At this rate of consumption we will burn our way through all the resources within a very short period of time. Only by making many more inferior products at a rapidly declining per unit cost - a pile of junk - to add to already burgeoning landfills and polluted oceans can the 1% overlords keep this race to the bottom crap-shoot plowing more and more income into their coffers.

What I'm proposing is a very simple refinement to the societal framework. Nothing much changes in the tenor of business relations and in the competitive landscape. The only noticeable difference between this 1% societal con and a new 99% society will be that we will rip out the 1% royalty letting the workers of each business receive their firm's revenue stream undiluted.

Staying on our current trajectory of reinforcing destructive behaviors only ensures everyone's mutual self-annihilation on a world ill-equipped to sustain this level of consumption. Equalization of quality-of-life improvements across a broad-swath of this planet's population within a society that maintains a sustainable consumerism of quality products and community benefits is an achievable goal of a new 99% egalitarian society that equitably spreads the undiluted aggregate income and wealth to the majority of the inhabitants of our planetary spaceship.

We have no rational alternative to contemplate. Either we decide to embrace a modern, utilitarian, minimalist, fact and science based cultural imprint or we are all doomed to extinction. There is just no way Earth cannot sustain this level of destructive economic strip-mining. It is also folly to believe that any society ruled with impunity from above can endure. We only have a few years before the oceans dry up and the planet becomes a red-hot ball of fire. To ensure the survival of the species we must take the road to real revolution - the replacement of a system of superclass privilege that is destroying our planetary home.

Envision a new society that values everyone equally and does not sacrifice on the altar of extreme greed those least able to defend themselves. That is the only form society can ultimately take if it is to be sustainable over the long-haul. Only death and despair awaits us if we continue to embrace our current fast-burn scoured earth policy that moves the 99% deeper into debt-fueled consumer slavery just to enhance the wealth of a rapacious robber baron superclass.