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Destabilized Socio-System Triggers Oil Rig Disaster

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Fundamentally, global corporate authoritarianism is crumbling under the weight of its own inherent disunity. Building up systems both societal and technological in such an environment only insures that the end result is dysfunctional chaos - a disjointed mess. It is a production focused 'plow through' ethos that values cheap outcomes that are not compatible with thoughtful introspective design.

Global corporatism is therefore ill suited to any quality approach that is dependent upon unconstrained communication uninhibited by hierarchical silos of chained channeled thought.

Protected sanctuaries abound in the corporatist world; institutionalized expertise, organizational sovereignty, and process bound inflexibility enshrine enslaved comfortable assumptions. Free flowing dynamically energized idea driven communities that have a stake in outcomes not just when there negative but also positive help to insure by-in of crucial changes.

Short-term is the enemy of stability. Exulted sanctuaries of power or influence in this shortsighted culture only exacerbate disunity of purpose. Disingenuous parroting of approved conjecture, dogma, and well-groomed creative outcomes by obedient subordinates only guarantees that a dysfunctional stasis endlessly churns a froth of fluffy illusion.

In a sense, maintenance of the status quo becomes the primary objective under a command society like global corporate authoritarianism. Enveloped under the steely hand of self-centered disunity instability eventually rips apart the entire foundation of an already destabilized socio-system comprised of dejected disconnected citizens.

Complex systems must operate cooperatively. Each sub-system regardless of whether its genesis is societal or technological must interact in an environment that is unimpeded by artificial communication barriers. The logical beneficiary to an unimpeded communication 'surface' is the free flow of information, information that is the life's blood of progress.

So to concentrate exclusively on just a single facet of global corporatism is to see only a few sick trees in a dying forest. For overly complex technological systems that are rift with instability are but a reflection of the inferior products produced by our production oriented, profit myopic, communication inept, and bureaucratically bloated, authoritarian, corporatist society.

These corpulent technological beasts that require an army of least cost temporary technologists to build and maintain are nothing more than a slice of a societal structure that is incapable of comprehending a common purpose, unified goal, and cooperative outcome.

Humanity can only reach a stable cooperative society by jettisoning this corporatist societal gulag that only values its high priests of greed.