Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Democratize Societal Institutions through Use of Technology – Dump Obsolete Rulers

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We still comply with the demands of those who steal our life’s blood. They use a societal structure designed to milk us dry. We are left with only a few pennies in our pocket and mountains of debt. All the result of falling real wages that have made it impossible to make ends meet. There is absolutely no excuse for the thievery that is committed in the name of an economic system that dominates this degenerate societal contrivance. The sooner we recognize organized burglary for what it is the quicker we can rid our world of this feudal monstrosity. We should feel a profound disgust for a system designed to leave a few filthy rich frolicking on private islands while condemning the rest of us to a lifetime of drudgery.

What right do a minority of well-connected sociopaths have to dictate the terms of our existence? Are they essential producers of the vast cornucopia of products and services of this blue planet? With the advanced technology that exists today there really is no rational reason to allow dictatorial despots both corporate and otherwise free rein to pillage the vast majority of income from our global economy. Their rational for being so intellectually special was never plausible but it is now just entirely irrelevant in this age of democratic enlightenment and computer marvels.

Basically the entire technical and societal transformation is underpinned by a simple premise – all of us are now empowered to determine our own destiny free from the manipulations of others. Ultimately isn’t it our economy and society? So let us stand up with pride to throw the high-tech switch that will unshackle us from this monarchy of enforced slavery.

Once we understand that we all have a right to share in the fruits of our labor, not just a select few who make decisions, this is when we will have traveled light-years from this stone-age barbarism into an enlightened civilization. Collectively, we have the technology through the use of a decentralized social network connected to an advanced computer brain to cooperatively run all our earthly organizations.

That’s right, all the anointed few, the corporate rulers are now obsolete in this connected age. They are an anachronism of the now discredited era of absolutism. Through the use of virtual networks and hypervisor A.I. cloud minds entire organizations can now become purely democratic institutions that sway to the beck and call of a vast human organism linked instantly and directly to the halls of power – our collective determinism. The time of the CEO, the pirate kings and all their fellow bandits has passed. They are now mere wastage to be placed on the scrap heap like the millions of workers they slashed over many years of corporate downsizing. There slash and burn tactics are over. Directed outcomes whose sole purpose is to seize ever more income through the manipulation of worldly societal institutions flooding ever more loot to the obscenely rich – this undeclared monarchy is on the verge of being toppled.

Those of us who are the technocrats, sculptures of revolutionary ideas, the creators of electronic wonders understand how utterly useless is this 1% league of autocrats who are incapable of nimble instantaneous proactive responses to lightning fast connected change. Like the multitude of factory workers they forced onto the streets these gulag jailers will soon be replaced by an automatic locking system.

Better still let us just raze the whole miserable societal framework and build up a more egalitarian, equitable, and decent humanized system resting firmly in a democratic foundation. Every single planetary citizen will become a fully connected participant in determining the outcomes of their lives. Free of roadblocks meant to snare the maximum income from our wallets; having goals that provide better results for the overall society instead of for just a cabal of elites, we will be able to spread happiness much like the Internet fuels ideas. The technology exists so let us use it to build a truly free world that does not exclude anyone from the decision making process.

Years from now when our ancestors look back on this time they will shake their heads in disgust. They will wonder why we let this insanity run rampant to destroy so many of our fellow citizens. Many of our sons and daughters will be hard pressed to explain the collective prisoners’ temperament that permeated a bygone social system of legalized totalitarianism. Cries of horror will echo across a crowd anytime the history of this time is discussed. How could they have waited so long to toss the bandito scum overboard? Most will just be thankful they did not have to live through the degradation of authority based not upon majority input but minority privilege. All will undoubtedly be thankful for those who did take a stand to enshrine human liberty in an impenetrable shield of technological marvels.