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Bankster Bad Oil Bets Might Lead to Demise of Casino Capitalism in 2016

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In the U.S. presidential political season those of us in the People's Movement have rightfully demonized any candidate from the two-party machine system who derives support, is a stoolie of lobbyists, or is in any way associated with "The Establishment" - that party-hardy island buying troop of deviants. It is refreshing that our majority, the billions who have committed themselves to our 'creed network', the value system that we collectively reinforce, are completely casting aside all the perverted sociopathic truisms of this billionaire ruled pirate planet. We are now an unstoppable purple wave that is plowing equity, economic justice, equality, and the prospect for the creation of real democracy. Directed from the bottom-up, linking genuine constituents in the general population to their legislative representatives we will get rid of big-business lobbyist interlopers sending them to Nome, Alaska to count seals or build igloos. Problem is even before we reach this point, this destabilized 'taker' casino, the societal monstrosity of fixed roulette wheels where CEO executive types always hit-it-big could possibly be heading for another 'bubble' burst. This time the zombie banksters, those too-big-to-fail castle dwellers, will be left holding worthless or significantly devalued loans - a bad bet on an oil industry that has gone belly-up. There is a plethora of undercurrents and a host of problems that plague this rich-take-all hierarchically based society that will all come to a head in 2016. The good news is those of us in the People's Movement have identified the culprits and perpetuators of this system of thievery and are ready to institute egalitarian alternatives planted firmly in an unadulterated pure constituent responsive democracy.

Our tidal wave of purple, united front, a coalition comprised of a general planetary citizenry from a variety of ideological strains is disrupting the mover-and-shaker manipulators. The bought-and-paid-for politicians, lobbyists - the entire edifice that is this new feudal society are finding it increasingly difficult to justify the funneling of all income and wealth up to their blood-gorged 1% vampire paymasters. We have put every single segment of this gerrymandered society on notice. Whatever transpires on this 'slave ship' is no longer decoupled from its command structure. Every last one of us have removed the blinders, rejected all the carefully crafted illusion, the propaganda of a system of exploitation that requires us to be complacent and compliant labor Droids. We are now free operators, building a future that includes all of humanity in a spherical bottom-up democracy that will eventually propel not just the chosen few but all of us into a new sustainable future of broadly dispersed prosperity. "The Establishment" has now become this relic of the past. Even though they attempt to reestablish control over our hearts and minds we now see them for what they are - bandits dressed in modern attire, a clan of Neanderthals. With all but a tiny fraction of a percent of all the wealth generated over the past 40 years going straight to the top 1% of elites this parasitic class has had more than enough booty remaining to payoff and thus control all governments, organizations, and other edifices of their planetary casino, a society designed to exclusively benefit "The Establishment" - every one of their buddies and mobster friends.

Having identified the enemy, what we term "The Establishment", we have removed the shroud of status-quo from our eyes leaving them to focus on the collapsing mess that these new world feudal overlords created. We still must survive the environmental damage, gambler addicted markets flush with bad bets now taking the form of loans made to the oil industry, and millions of hungry tossed aside blue planet citizens who are the tragic byproducts of a transnational mega-corporate imperialism. On the horizon, probably in the first quarter of 2016 banksters faced with a second bursting bubble in the form of oil loans based on in ground oil reserve 'assets' that have fallen from hundreds of dollars per barrel to less than $36 dollars per barrel will once again be directing their government paymasters to milk government treasuries to cover their losses. In the first go-around when these casino moneychangers funded elite gamblers CDO and assorted 'investments' in the housing industry bubble that burst in 2007 - 2008 we the taxpayers were left holding the empty bag to the tune of many trillions of dollars. This time do you expect a kinder-gentler casino window operator to just eat their losses when all they have to do is once again call up their friendly lobbyists on K-Street to have the nation-state treasury doors left wide open? Who do you think will again be left holding the bottomless bag? You guessed it, nation-state taxpayers will be forced to pay out many more trillions of dollars taking the form of additional government debt that we will be propagandized into believing must be paid for in higher taxes and significantly reduces services. That is if we are all saps, so gullible to again fall for the zombie banks gambling window cash replenishment scam. A more probable outcome will be that the citizenry across this income blighted, service depleted, war torn, environmentally mess up planet will tell the elite gangster class to go 'take a hike'. Find some other patsies who are stupid enough to believe your implausible explanations founded in economic fantasy.