Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Demand a Constitutional Convention

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Don't postpone leaving your home with the underwater mortgage. Lost your job to a lower wage labor slave in India or China? Maybe you'd decided to cut back from a 2 hot dog dinner to a 1 hot dog snack. Granted, expectations have been high. We've all been waiting for our worthless government to acknowledge the existence of the rest of us - the 90% that don't have lobbyists looking after our interests.

The wait is over - by God they really do believe we're imbeciles. All the castle dwellers; those mega-business CEO's, party bankers, lobbyist henchmen, and lap-dog government representatives rolled up their sleeves and put their soiled hands into the cesspool.

Twirling the rusty spoon they've concocted another witches brew of illusory perceptually strong proposed legislation that President Obama is dragging around to those few places where he won't be run out of town.

What is this savory piece of steamy shit? Well, let me lay the runny slime on stage for you to see. Damn, it's leaking off onto the floor. Quick get a mop!

Bet you didn't know that those green lumps masterfully spooned out by the President's agents of corruption - those sticky clumps imbedded in the goo - well don't laugh but they're low-interest loans for home mortgages.

Just think, with an IQ of a moron or the craftiness of a propaganda artist any of us might mistake those slimy green lumps of low interest mortgage loans for a real solution to John and Sally's impending foreclosure or underwater mortgage. Luckily, most half lucid citizen's who are losing their jobs to low-priced labor, and are tapped out because of 30 years of declining real wages can distinguish a green turd from a meaningful solution.

How about that name: American Jobs Act. Now doesn't that just get the bells ringing across our benighted, ruined, grossly inequitable, transnational controlled, lobbyist connected, middle class homeless, foreclosure plagued, factory wasteland, jobless pit of an oligopolistic kingdom?

Not only will this $420 billion crown jewel of warped logic not give a decent hardworking citizen a chance at a non-existent job but also it isn't even going to make a dent in reducing the accumulated (under employed & deep-sixed unregistered homeless) unemployment that is now by some estimates a shameful 17% – 26%.

Also, the paltry tax credits given to employers who hire a citizen that's been out of work for a few months will not prompt any sensible business owner into hiring John or Sally when customers aren't buying.

Why aren't all those consumer rabbits racing around snapping up all that cheaply made crap from China - you've guessed it - they're either living with Mom & Dad, in a car, looking at their 401K plummet, worried about their job, waiting for their home to be foreclosed, and most likely living paycheck to paycheck.

Now the fairy dust throwers will counter that the American Jobs Act will spectacularly revive consumption through employee and employer tax reductions. On balance $240 billion dollars in tax cuts isn't going to positively affect an economy measured in the trillions of dollars - an economy looted by mega-transnational corporations that source cheap labor across the globe.

Tribes of voodoo economists are already crowing about the $200 billion in new spending that is the darker matter floating next to those green lumps.

They're the more deceptive stimulus treats directed at airport repairs, subsidies to states, modernizing schools, fixing roads, refurbishing vacant homes, and hiring of police officers, teachers, firefighters, and other citizen serfs - tasty tiny morsels offered to a starving population.

Instead of trinkets handed over with a crooked smile why don't we tell these body-snatched legislators and CEO banker elite types that we'll settle for nothing less than real reforms. Real solutions outlined below...

  • Banks must write down all home mortgages to there fair market value. How about that - no more underwater mortgages!
  • Restate all written-down home mortgages at prevailing lower interest rates.
  • Roundup all the 70,000 plus lobbyists that infest Washington, D.C., revoke their citizenship, ship them to a remote town in Alaska, and let them reside there until they can find a country willing or stupid enough to grant them access.
  • Make all forms of lobbying of governmental officials illegal punishable by 35 years in jail.
  • Stop all wars, close all foreign military bases, and temporarily have military personnel not engaged in the defense of our nation at work rebuilding our infrastructure.
  • Invest the money saved by not being the world's police force in a massive job's program aimed at building a world-class fast-train network, expanding our interstate highway system, and various other infrastructure programs that will pave our departure from reactive to proactive government.
  • Scan the IRS tax records (retroactively) for corporations that didn't pay any taxes or evaded their fair share. Appropriate their assets for this tax due adding this amount to the government treasury.
  • Any corporation that directly or indirectly engaged in hiring laborers for less than a living wage and/or supported sweatshop labor conditions anywhere around the world appropriate the assets of the firm for an amount that compensates for their contributing to the destabilization of the global economy. Add this amount to the government treasury.
  • Eliminate all government programs that do not contribute to the well being of the general citizenry. Concentrate on the three central responsibilities of all governments - education, health, and the security of every citizen.
  • Enact a comprehensive government national healthcare program paid for by every citizen out of his or her federal taxes. A minimal tax not more than any other developed nation assesses for nationalized healthcare. By the way, why do we pay many times more for healthcare coverage than every other industrialized country?
  • Enact a comprehensive government educational program covering K - 16 (citizen tuition free undergraduate university degree) paid for by every citizen out of their federal taxes. Families who can no longer afford to send their children to college would now be freed from this horrible financial burden.

All of these recommendations for stabilizing our economy by infusing the low to middle classes with income, jobs, and real hope in a future not manufactured by expert propagandists can be paid for by establishing a constituent directed lean government. A government not bloated by mega-business lobbyist programs that increase the wealth and power of the few by transforming the many into paupers.

Let's show our anger at being ignored, worked like disposable tools, treated like slaves in a system designed to perpetuate the wealth of princely multi-billion dollar investors, a mega-business class of elite manipulators, legislative puppets, and corporate media propagandists.

Demand a Constitutional Convention. Let's 'reboot' this plutocratic monstrosity that makes us second-class citizens.