Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Deep Penetration

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Cruising at an altitude that would have assaulted a bird’s better judgment the spider craft swung around for a better view. Down below nestled in the clearing was the target, a diverse multiethnic cross section of the human race. Not a single organic point-of-reference could be plotted. Expanding its scanners - the iridescent light at the ends of its spindly legs started glowing. The stealthy Observer activated the deep penetration cycle.

Not suspecting that they were the prize catch of a government probe was a blessing for their respite from drudgery would have been ruined. After leaving the worker dormitories for their first Hours Holiday in months it was inconceivable that the information hungry elites gave a damn what they did in their off-time. But this was a world riddled with data conduits. Privacy was a long dead concept buried beyond comprehension.

Surging rhythmically between soft brain tissue the nano scouts excited the neurons. Data was erupting forth across all vectors - a pulsing stream that was being greedily absorbed by the privacy violators. Thoughts, desires, all the uninhibited juicy passion that is humanities driving force was being stolen by these thieves. By the time this privacy violation was finished there was absolutely nothing beyond the grasp of the rulers. These power moles had already cataloged trillions of secrets.

This was not wasted effort. Vast resources had been expended by a vanished democracy decades ago. Pleasurable pastimes were even examined. Nothing was outside the reach or greedy grasp - an intense craving - an addiction more extreme than anything genetically hardwired into our bodies. No longer a needed to prevent enemies from lobbing unpleasant nasty's at a blissfully ignorant citizenry this was now a constant urge to explore deeper into the uncharted subconscious of every working slug.

Only the holy, the unscathed mountain dwellers, an executive anointed core of crown prince sultans were protected from constant Privacy Penetration. When power is concentrated in those who inhabit lofty cloud wisps no wrong can be realized. Wasn't it an established process, so why all the early disquiet surrounding the mass 'disrobing'? Better to view our stark naked souls for all to manipulate, question, and eventually convert to their exclusive designs. This is especially true when you reside within the impenetrable castle walls.

Control was total. This was the plague of uninterrupted soul violation.

Physical violation was a transitory event but to penetrate into the depths of an individual's soul was a weapon more horrific than any flesh burning evil. The ravenous desire for information was an unquenchable disease that had inflicted these power hungry data pirates. It was no longer enough to suffocate the general population in unrelenting poverty. No longer satiated by pulling the planet's governmental levers in unison through their lobbyist vermin these sociopaths, the crown jewel encrusted super elite now took their sick enjoyment to a new level. They needed, wanted; they soaked up every desire an unsurpassed flood of emotions, data, and dreams.

From an auspicious start at the NSA on a vast open plain of history now disintegrated into fine sediment the vast probing of the unprotected individual had now become a plaything that left vacant shells - a wasteland of compliant vassals. Why fight for the bare thought will become your enemy before you can act? It was a hopeless situation.

If only the danger had been recognized the final termination of freedom might have been prevented.

Prayers are dead for fear of the sharp shackles, or worse; brain vaporization. Vegetables just drool. Tyrants love their vegetables.