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Death of the Great Consumption Engine

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My silent thoughts just keep echoing back to the weeks up ahead that are shimmering in and out of view. All of the current exuberance within the business community over the beneficial effects at freeing up credit within a financial system in catharsis will have evaporated. The realization will have finally set in that while all the attention was focused upon attending to the needs of the 'golden ships' of a few greedy financial titans the real economy beneath their towers will have been gasping for ever more infrequent short 'breaths' until nothing more remained except a last wheezing rattle.

Our income choked consumption engine embedded in the lower reaches of the real economy has been existing upon the stale crumbs of income floating down from the 'cloud realm' of the business elite controllers far beyond its ability to endure if it weren't for supplements of plastic credit dust also released periodically from above. This intricate engine has been stripped of parts over many years to pay for all the endlessly expanding 'needs' of the few 'cloud dwellers' insatiable appetites for luxury and decadence - beyond sustainable. These parts of the machine were outsourced or replaced with rusty, substandard, cheaper, and inferior foreign parts in order to keep the consumption engine running for the here and now - never mind about the future.

So the consumption engine just rattled along like a bucket of bolts making an intolerable racket. No one in the fleeting non-reality of the 'clouds' cared, understood, or for that matter even heard the infernal racket the poor machine was making with its cobbled parts that had been carelessly fitted in haste. They'd thought that since it was still running; for the big bright light could be seen flashing rhythmically minute by minute without hesitation all must be fine. What they failed to realize was that every component that had been replaced with an inferior cheaper foreign version or eliminated by outsourcing to another machine seriously deteriorated the only machine they'd ever have at their disposal. If it were to ever stop their glittering palaces high within the clouds would come crashing down. For it was the machine's job to maintain the altitude required by their kingdom in its precarious artificial upper reaches of the atmosphere.

Even with the careful unintentional destruction of the machine by the powerful wealthy business 'cloud' dwellers nothing could bring about the demise of the consumption engine faster than their declining drops of life sustaining stale income crumbs floating down from their palace porches. If there was something the machine required over all else it was those ever so infrequent drops of income crumbs - without them the blinking light would surely be extinguished. But day after day and year after year the quantity of crumbs coming from above declined only to be gradually replaced by more plastic credit dust that was a very poor replacement for the much-needed income. Credit dust was corrosive to the inner components of the consumption engine stripping away essential interlinked metal assemblies until it was only a matter of time before the end would be near.

It came far too late for those last business elite 'cloud dwellers' to realize what was happening. Their 'cloud' dwellings began to shake terribly one morning bringing every elite to their porch to look down at the ever-blinking light in shocked realization that it was now blinking erratically. What were they to do - panic began to set in across the palaces that their world might come crashing down from their clouds of reverent illogic. Hadn't they been providing enough plastic credit dust in place of the income they were hording in their vaults. Why was this happening - before any of the elite could refine this question further a great rushing sound was heard like wind being forced through a jet engine racing towards the surface - all was now silent - the blinking light had stopped.