Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Dead-End Street Called "Self-Annihilation"

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There is a vast network of vested interests that care for the pillage machine that takes the general citizenry to the paycheck cleaners, empowering lobbyist interlopers, think-tank propagandists, and big-business autocrats. It promotes effusive political corruption that transforms all governments into cash cows used by preachers of the capitalist faith. Anything that gets in the way of the steady consumption gorge of the capitalist monster must be silenced. This gigantic horde of leaches will paint any malcontent disbeliever in the capitalist faith as an enemy - especially our vast People's Movement that has infiltrated deep into the inner-sanctum the religion.

Our movement, made up of global citizens coming from all walks-of-life, across a vast spectrum of professions and daily life experiences are what the organized 1% vultures fear the most - an amorphous wave of purple discontent sweeping their bought-out world view aside - an enlightened egalitarian rejection of capitalist societal global destruction of the environment, decency, and community values. These forces of entitlement are mounting a grand assault against the general citizenry that will usher in their final result - the shutting down of political speech and all forms of free speech that is critical of their 1% Corporate Dictatorship.

Having injected our People's Movement Fifth Column into every facet of this society we are a force for the formation of a genuine bottom-up 24/7 democracy. Comprised of people who dream of a better future not controlled by those with the fattest wallets - a world not fractured along nation-state boundaries and 1% instigated socio-ethnic conflict we represent the unrepresented majority. Our future will not be a place where potentates who have amassed most of the world's wealth dictate to the rest of us how our daily lives will evolve. We will have total control, absolute self-determination over every aspect of our lives with zero manipulative interference coming from sociopaths seeking to use us as labor-slaves to amass unimaginable sums of money.

Billions of dollars have been spent keeping the world's nation-state governments in the pocket of the 1% ruling elite. Clubs of wealthy donors get together to purchase their favorite candidates from across the fabricated ideological landscape. In reality, regardless of the promoted ideological twist of the candidates they are all tools of their elitist donors and the lobbyist middlemen and middlewomen who ensure that these bankrolled political puppets follow through with their promises to keep the 1% lords rolling in cash. Only the facade of pure left or right slant stands between the natural comradery of all the lobbyist-snatched political stoolies infesting our capitols. Away from the cameras these big-business purchased lawmakers are rather chummy with each other.

Beware when all the political hacks come together as a unified front. This seldom happens out in the open because it is important to keep up appearances of constituent representation. When these pig trough divers unify in front of their media propagandists - watch out, for that means the general population - those of us without a fleet of BMWs stashed away in country homes are doomed. This is a sign that the bought-and-paid-for crowd is out for blood, that a well-thought out plan of corrupt dealings did not yield fruit because someone with a conscious derailed it. The problem with free-speech is that once the labor-slaves are willing to risk being blackballed to get the truth out there is no telling what dirty laundry will be blowing out in the open.

That is why no part of our movement is geared towards the favoritism of one nation-state over another, they are all equally corrupt. The United States, Russia, China, Germany, France, and all the other 1% controlled super-states of the Northern Hemisphere are indistinguishable from each other - all of them disregard the interests of the people. It is a safe assumption that none of us give a hoot for any of the existing hierarchically organized dens of manipulative dysfunctional dirty corruption calling themselves representatives of the people, because if you dig deep enough all existing global governments have a single objective, to serve the interests of the 1% robber barons. The professional politicians that infest the legislative halls of government both in the phony democracies and the blatant dictatorships have a single goal - to keep their bankrolling political contributors happy by passing legislation that supports their interests and thus ensures that they will always have a swimming pass to their favorite swamp.

Whether it is promoting the fantasy that there is a Russian in every closet sowing disunity and mayhem in our wonderful democracies or discrediting individuals who put everything on-the-line to bring about substantive change away from this 1% despotism - the entire creepy crawly swamp ecosystem is now arrayed against the People's Movement. Every "Swamp Thing" is emerging from the green cesspool that supports the 1% system of exploitation. They are a zombie onslaught ready to devour anyone that gets in the way of their economic and environmental strip-mining operations.

Feeling threatened the vulture power-block of this societal slave-camp are pulling out all the stops to shut down our Fifth Column. This is encouraging because this means we have reached a critical mass of effusive support that is crippling the efforts of 1% propagandists to keep the general population pacified with flag-raising, democratic euphemisms, effusive displays of stupidity, and all the other tricks that in the past left the 99% happily drooling. The global 1% lock-down of our lives in a labor gulag is now seen by all for what it is - a shakedown scheme to siphon all the income that we generate from OUR businesses into their pockets.

We have removed the blinders and are fully cognizant of the breadth and depth of the corruption that this capitalist societal model engenders. All of us across this diverse planet are actively trying to remove the mafia bosses from our communities both large and small. When historians look back on this time of societal blight they will be astounded that a few con-artists were able to swindle, imprison, enslave, exploit, threaten, and control so many for so long.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to chart your own destiny free from the boss-man's daily demands and all the other roadblocks erected by a global society that is exclusively designed to plow all the rewards from your hard work into the hands of a few 1% feudal lords? Isn't is time we shoved our corporate, political masters, and their assorted propagandists off a cliff - telling them that we are going to replace their global system of economic Apartheid with a new people-first civilization?

Aren't we after all our own societal keepers, the molders of the kind of place we want to thrive in, organized in a grand collection of communities that through their natural interactions can easily come up with a mutually beneficial societal framework that does not enrich a few by enslaving the many? The land we walk on, the parks we play in, the businesses we work in, the sky that invites our dreams, the governments, all that makes up the society of this planet, everything in its entirety is ours to do with what we want.

The reason the powerful Wall Street thieves, transnational business magnates, and the rest of the gang sitting around their executive boardrooms are unleashing the heathen squad is simple - they must stop the spread of the truth. Each day there are fewer and fewer labor-slaves dutifully drinking down their Kool-Aid. For the first time in their lives they feel empowered to rip the guts out of this global prison camp masquerading as an equitable society and replace it with an egalitarian 21st Century civilization.

Capitalist zombies are coming at us from all sides in an attempt to break apart our unified global front. They are using a tried and true approach that has worked wonderfully during the 1960's - setting blacks against whites or any convenient racial group conflict they can stir up in their respective regions. The ruling clique is trying to sow disunion among the ranks of our diverse People's Movement that is united across ethnic and religious lines. It is therefore important that we continue to stress our colorblindness and love of the multifaceted way human beings express diversity to merge into a potpourri of shared community values. Do not let the vested interest vulture nest tenders divide our united front.

North or South, all of us regardless of our rank up and down the rusty ladder need to break through the propaganda to see our real situation in this antidemocratic labor farm. What little freedom you currently have if you are fortunate enough to not be a modern-day slave in a mine or cutting down whole forests at the point of a gun to add more bags of charcoal to store shelves in the rich North is soon to be taken away. If you are among the select few "Roman citizens" of the empire's inner sanctum you will soon be experiencing the joys of full-blown enslavement - your very own steel shackles await your ankles.

In a global society that rests firmly on resource and income pillage it does not take long before all the prime property is turned into a slag heap. Insatiable greed, the nagging addiction to acquire more piles of loot, power, or whatever the self-anointed 1% rats desire does not mean they will not devour even their prime labor pool.

Our masters are slowing integrating the rest of their dominion in the North into their slave empire. They have found the perfect solution for the "Roman citizens" of the North - we will be worked like dogs for up to 18 hours a day like our counterparts in the Southern hemisphere but tied down to a "company store" version of slavery that keeps us perpetually in debt owing our masters into perpetuity. This way we can keep us buying all the junk from China while the real revenue generated from our hard work across the globe increasingly goes to the kingly crowd. In the end, nothing but the type of slavery will distinguish the Northern from the Southern hemispheric wastelands. No one in the underclasses is immune from this coming total destruction and inhumanity perpetrated by the 1% fiends and their dysfunctional max-out extraction thirsty society.

Ultimately, we will all be fodder for the doomsday societal 'chomper' that voraciously feeds on human flesh and natural resources dumping the mountains of waste on land and in the oceans. If we do not rebel against this insane lifestyle, an anachronistic feudalism that has taken many forms over many centuries we are all doomed to a future just like our brothers and sisters in the Southern Hemisphere - the rich will live in luxury enclaves far removed from the trash strewn poverty wastelands of their labor-slaves.

Now is not the time to sit back and believe someone else will do all the hard-lifting, take all the crappy jobs after being blackballed by the 1% establishment. You have a responsibility to join this fight for a real democracy that does not end at the factory or office door. Nothing will be achieved if we all do not participate in actions against the elitist mobsters in the North and grab whatever is handy to knock the block off of the gun-toting slave masters in the South.

Regardless of our relative wealth the current societal model is an abomination - a locust swarm that will end up devouring everything. If you are a "Roman citizen" in the heart of the empire up North and you hear a commotion, a protest, a riot, a revolt, or angry citizens voicing their dissatisfaction with vulture capitalism get up out of your cushy chair and get your ass on the street! Put some skin in the game. That is the only way we will turn this mess around so that we once again take the path that leads to genuine democracy instead of this dead-end street called "Self-Annihilation".