Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Cyclone of Discontent Targeting Globalization Gangsters

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Disheveled, tattered, wearing patched clothes, in-debt way over our declining low-wages; pushed towards absolute destitution in worn-out shoes, homeless families & veterans, many of us sacked for cheaper wage slaves, and many more permanently terminated by business tyrants that stuff more loot into their Swiss accounts - we are the majority, the citizens - the future slave force of Corporatism. Left in labor surplus limbo, the global citizen is assaulted on all fronts by 'their' governments and a cartel of mega business wolves.

Our anger at being continually torn apart by these heartless business carnivores has reached its limit; it is now outside the realm of control. Beyond the fairytale loving Capitols there is a powder keg with a fuse burning short. The heartland is ready to explode.

Joyously frolicking in their carnival atmosphere the Wall Street bankers, lobbyists, political puppets, the elites, are unaware of the volcanic flames erupting from the mean streets of their twisted, tangled disintegrating ultra-capitalist empire. The burgeoning ranks of the disregarded castaways, the slaves, in a growing blob of Corporatist tyranny are beyond the point of compromise. We watch in horror as the setting sun's rays are smothered in a dark dead oily ocean.

Our anger is palpable; it is spreading beyond the fish littered dying marshes of a gulf now poisoned in the name of Corporatist pillage. We all know that the globalization gangsters are to blame. They'd eagerly sacrifice their own mother if her demise allowed them to extract more loot from their global casino operations.

But the dark clouds are swirling, moving from the West, up from the South, crossing down from the North. It's a dangerous hurricane, a cyclone that is approaching from a red horizon.

Expanding on the terrible heat of dissolution, the crosswinds are building. Soon they'll reach the kingpins of these treacherous kingdoms. Packing tornadic winds they'll blow down their toxic waste sites of corruption.

Already too intoxicated to prepare for their downfall the privileged gang smiles contemptuously, in a half conscious state of pleasurable unreality they relax, oblivious to the approaching storm. Without a clue to the sorrow their sowing, they continue to turn up the heat of despair - burning the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the majority to cinders.

Most of the pillagers don't give a damn whether their actions cause tremendous pain. These cash-hoarding aristocrats are addicted like junkies; they enjoy the feeling of superiority they get from thumbing their noses, and sticking their middle index fingers in our direction. What they fail to realize is that by increasing the heat coming off of already melting Main Streets, town squares, and villages their stiffening the resolve of a subjugated global citizenry.

Admit it, aren't you ever so ready to deep six these devils. Maybe we could dump them into the oily graveyard of their Deep-water Horizon out mid ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. Alright, we should probably give them a pinpricked lifeboat to paddle their gelatinous little arms off and a towel to wipe off the oil from the dying fish before eating them raw. It would be pretty tiring and they wouldn't get much sleep because every hour they'd have to blow hard on the air intake of the raft to keep it afloat. But given these ignoramuses have so much hot air they may get away with just blowing hard every other hour.

You bet, we're pretty tired of being crispy fried by this torch wielding gang of multi-national corporations who've resolved to turn us all into their gulag prisoners. We're further infuriated by the economic storybook tales and the over duteous political stooges who race to kiss the super-sized buttocks of their business guardians.

What really turns us into raging bloodthirsty Vikings is that this greed addicted bunch of Sociopaths has the audacity after stuffing their pockets full of money stolen from our government Treasuries to ask us through their government puppets to pay higher taxes and suffer through reduced services. Is there any end to their; "I'm so much better than you" bullshit. We prop up their businesses, give their banker friends party money, allow them to keep on collecting princely bonuses, don't call an exterminator even when we're being overrun by lobbyist vermin, continue to listen to the skillful lies of their bought-off politicians, and this is the thanks we get. What gall! They'll probably ask us to foot the bill for their extravagant bonuses, compensation packages, and incompetent MBA brainwashed capitalist zealots for the next go around of transfer payments to their Rich-And-Famous brethren. All this because they're contorted and contrived ultra-capitalist economic society is an abject failure.

Fess up, unsnap that purse, open that wallet, this is a holdup by your favorite Corporatist government, the rubber bullets are ready to fly so don't even think about demonstrating. The ruling has come down, an edict from above, a reverse transfer of wealth from the poorest to the wealthiest; we the "little people" must pay back either through higher taxes or significantly reduced services the burglary of our government Treasuries by the "Masters-of-the-Universe" - our mega business lords. Hand it over right now! You know the drill.

Over on the other side of the Atlantic my fellow Americans are ready to exact a little Western justice.

Out on the open range with mountains tearing into the dark blue-sky truck driver's speed over a great expanse. A tough, stern, determined farmer with a sunburn weather carved face looks over hundreds of acres of corn, soybean, or wheat in places like Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, and Kentucky. Technology professionals from coast-to-coast with an insightful intelligence create technological marvels that inspire generations to come. Factory workers mold, bolt, weld, and shape quality products that embody the grit, guts, stamina, and tenacity of a cowboy heritage. Uncompromising, spirited, and tougher than nails Americans still embrace their ancestor's ghostly spirit, the true fabric of a nation of pioneers.

Let's unleash this spirit, have our righteous wrath come forth, a little cowboy justice. Saddle up, and ride out in a posy to track down all the worthless CEOs, executives, voodoo Economists, lobbyists, political hacks, environmental 'trashers', super bankers, MBA goofballs, makers of illusion, and elite morons that don't give a hoot about anything except how much pilfered loot they can drain from our hard work.

Once we get them back to the town jail let's call the judge over to hold a trial. We won't string them up to the nearest tree; we'll not stoop to the level of these elite looters. So if the jury verdict comes back guilty we'll just get a huge rug and on the count of three give it a good yank so these worthless leaches can topple over onto their soft spongy heads.