Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

President Obama Promises to Curtail Some NSA Activities

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It would be nice to exude confidence - to feel blissful - tuck all that nasty realism into a bright corner flooded with syrupy ignorance. These paths we take under the administration of 'Hope' have been strewn with boulders. Typically we end up staring blankly across a canyon where a rope bridge once hung. Left wasting away is its remnants, frayed hemp, broken wooden slats, and gale force winds that threaten to extinguish its very presence.

President Obama outlined steps in his speech that would seem on the surface to bring a halt to a few of the NSA police-state activities. What is troubling is that we're only provided promises that most of these egregious Orwellian pursuits will end and only after 'proper' consultation and review by a constellation of experts. Assurances from a President whose credibility is anything but untarnished and NSA leaders that habitually lied to Congress are anything but reassuring.

All will be well - no need to fret - forgive, forget, but most of all get your damn ass back to work so you can be caught up in the daily routine of struggling for that skinny dime. Admit it, we'll all neglect to follow, fail to recall, and never be privy to the spin-craft of governmental insiders as they continue they're piecemeal dismantling of our Constitution.

Extralegal rules and Presidential fiats are definitely in vogue. Why bother to have a dysfunctional legislative branch of government vaporize the police-state apparatus when mere deflection, promises, obfuscation, and new layers of secrecy shrouded in democratic ideals will suffice to pacify the citizens? After a few months we'll all conveniently forget why Johnny's parents down the hall in #326 were taken away in the middle of the night even though in a deep distant memory we'll vaguely recall something about how our Constitution, democracy, and basic liberties would be protected.

What must end are Presidential directives - Executive orders - those edicts that emanate from supreme power. In Franz Kafka's "The Trial" a lowly citizen was charged with a secret crime, convicted in absentia, and ultimately dragged away by two government thugs to a field where they blew his brains out. We've crossed a threshold, moved beyond our democratic moorings into a dangerous extralegal desert. Our democracy requires not platitudes and assurances from our elected President but blind allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and all the laws that bolster this document - the underpinning of our freedom.

"I beg of you, please loosen those manacles, they are cutting through my skin! No, your intelligence is wrong, I didn't curse our Leader, nothing disrespectful was uttered." - The Last Free Citizen cries while being hit unconscious with clubs in an underground torture chamber.

Freedom, Justice, Equity, and the sanctity of Life are but a mirage in the eyes of an enslaved citizenry. Let's not let a desert of inequity swallow up our vision of an oasis.