Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Cruel Necessity Doesn't Change Our Destiny

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It's hard not to be optimistic when the sun is shining down through the picture perfect blue sky in my new home - Ocala, Florida. But like anything else appearances can hide darker more ominous undercurrents.

A lot has transpired since leaving Durant, Iowa back in December on a brutally cold blizzard morning. Typical weather for this part of the country; it was all part of the dominant theme that engulfed my family in uncertainty, a whirlwind of disillusion.

Losing a job, even though I'm in good company among the millions of other Americans that have been discarded, is still gut wrenching after innumerable layoffs. Twelve more months into this cauldron of tumult my country is still more focused upon building a higher wall around Wall Street, the vested interests, and a corrupt political establishment.

My only solace is that other tromped on working slaves around the world are finally realizing the futility of unswerving compliance to a global Corpopolis of conspicuous gluttony. Our time, the people's time, our awakening is approaching fast - we're taking back our governments.

But this turn of my drive through reality has forced me to bend to the gale force winds of injustice. For bending when necessary is preferable to being uprooted. I've had to swallow the jagged edged realization that I must still support my family after being dumped into the ever-expanding surplus labor heap. In a world where opportunity at least for those of us not in the anointed elitist crowd has never been harder, survival for even a single day is imperative because it allows us to fight more fiercely tomorrow. Like so many other global citizens fully exposed to absolute inequity I've had to discard a few of my personal absolutes.

Allowing adverts (ads) to be placed on this website was the first razor-sharp pill to rip my throat; believe me it left a deep gash. Eating being a biological imperative, shelter (even though supplemented by my wife's inheritance), transportation, and the myriad of other basics didn't dissolve nicely in a potion of ideology steeped in justice. This site, now my only source of income, must start generating (at the very least) a subsistence level flow of cash.

Don't be fooled, ad revenue some of it coming from companies that are knee deep in controlling our world doesn't dull the cold steel we have directed at those who'd leave us totally destitute. For our destiny is beyond their feeble grasp. We will fulfill our ascent to power. No power in the universe can stop the onrush of slaves who have finally realized their worth. Our ascent, our destiny is rushing forward like a tidal wave. The glide path has been set - the people, the global citizens, all the subjugated masses forced to kneel at the foot of corruption, waste, tyranny, and all the baser elements of humanity are rising up against the privileged elite ruling class. Evil will be vanquished; it can't survive when it is overwhelmed by good.