Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Crown Prince Godlings Create the Train Wrecks of This Planetary Apartheid

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None of what is happening in the United States and the rest of the world is disconnected from the destruction of the middle class. The privileged few bleeders feel it is their right to legally steal the creations inspired by genius, all the hard work of individuals, our constituent rights, and the trillions pumped from government treasuries into their oceans of blood. Obscene is the only word that can adequately describe the masterfully orchestrated theft of wealth from the 90% of producers to the personally anointed crown princes of this planet wide societal apartheid. There is absolutely no justification for allowing these pirates free rein to loot at will behind an ever expanding shield of legalities that spit upon the inalienable right of all sentient beings to enjoy the fruits of their labor. To setup a royal class of untouchables immune from the consequences of their actions just further inflames those of us left hopeless. We will never improve our lives while these vampires rampage throughout the countryside in search of victims.

Train wrecks that kill and injure hundreds, collapsing bridges, militarized slums, and debt ridden citizens milked so dry of income they cannot even pay for basic necessities. These are just a few of the consequences of allowing a minority of rich sociopaths’ free-rein to ransack the rest of us with impunity. There just is not enough money to go around after it has been drained from all of us underpaid labor slaves. Worse still the unrestrained societal rape committed by these elite fiends in their quest for ever grander mountains of loot only exposes fissures in the pavement leaving us to believe that the consequences of this elite binge is only superficial. But if we dig deeper we find that the societal degeneration is more widespread reaching to the very foundation. You must be aware of conditions that have been deteriorating in your own lives, getting worse every time a group of these marauding bandits decides it is high time to go on another scalping foray into the bottomlands.

Why should any of these self-serving degenerates that feed off of our productivity give a hoot about how those of us relegated to the peasant villages have to live? They will just keep sending out their war parties to steal what they could never create with their own limited abilities. Within their blossoming walled-off communities patrolled by pistol quick draws they need not come in contact with the gulag slavers. If they need anything these elite leaches can contact their personal lobbyist buddies up on K-Street in Washington, D.C. or any other capital city that swarms with this infestation of locust meant to further the desires and whims of this royal class. Presented with a shutter blink of the future we would see a planet ridden with hovels, brimming with starving homeless families, a working poor falling further into the gutter of despair, and castle dwellers ringed within layers of security meant to keep their slaves from scaling the palace walls.

So let’s ask the central question that is drilling a hole into your inquisitive being. How is it we in the majority continue to allow the Masters-of-the-Universe unlimited access to all the wealth that is created by our poorly paid bodies and minds? Is it not high-time we throw up our fists in a fit of purple rage and say: “This must end here and now?!” Our only option is to fight the onset of this rapidly advancing prison world run by a pack of well-connected grand theft players. Those who want to shroud our planet in a new dark age where pain both spiritual and physical becomes the norm not the exception.

How will you help to enliven the dissemination of factual accounts of our transformation from freedom to tyranny? Will you join our People’s Movement a united front of purple or acquiesce to the intensifying demands of a minority of wealth addicts’ intent upon destroying the environment, humanity, and all that our civilization rests upon in order to fulfill their unquenchable need to gorge themselves in kingly opulence and unlimited power?

Worse yet, never be deluded into believing that we can quell the urges of these scoundrels. Having drained the U.S. treasury of trillions of dollars the banksters on Wall Street still feel entitled to more of what we create from our brawn and sheer intellect. These purveyors of ultra-capitalist destruction still feel absolutely no remorse for throwing the rest of us under the bus. This is the jagged point that we are repeatedly impaled upon. No amount of financial salve will ever deflate the enormous egos, prostitute harems, drunken sprees, and lobster gorged debauchery that these monsters feel entitled to at our expense. That’s right, at our expense. They make this perfectly clear. We are nothing more than chickens peeking away on the ground that they haphazardly feed less and less grain. Eventually, if we let them set up their world apart, palaces overlooking their dominion these elites will actually believe that they have become the gods, our overlords who may do whatever they desire with their little chickens running around at their feet.