Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Crossing the Line

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Dropping out of sight, moving stealthily now undetected in the field was the latest version of the NIZZ. With all its features enhanced beyond even those of Gorgon (its designer) it had become much more dangerous. Gorgon wasn’t supposed to die, the plan called for him to remain alive, at least until the NIZZ had been stabilized. But like all well formulated and rehearsed plans reality had a way of reminding those involved just how unpredictable our dynamic universe could be when a single variable was disturbed.

The Corvon were responsible for unleashing the NIZZ; certainly this was better than breaking a time-honored process. No life had ever or could ever be worth the intentional deviation from any process. Consequences were never important even those with long-term detrimental outcomes; all that mattered was the warm fuzzy security felt when every instruction of a process was explicitly followed.

All the leaders of Corvon irrespective of position had been drawn from a safe pool of compliant and complacent process ‘hounds’ that could sniff out those who’d desire change. Change had always been the enemy. That was why every leadership position demanded that the applicant have prior management and/or leadership experience. This ensured a steady churn of rot that could deteriorate slowly in the ranks of the least able – the decision makers. Change could therefore be safely averted – all would rest well in their comatose state of societal stasis.

But this predictable regularity like the excretion of dung squeezed out every morning was only forgettable because it was regular. Their lives had the regularity of mold growing a spore at a time on a damp hunk of bread. They just went through the motions oblivious to there direction.

The NIZZ had been a reaction to the change that engulfed the Corvon. For change just couldn’t be damned up behind a solid wall – reality had to be faced even if only cloaked in illusion. Incapable of handling change, the Corvon created a class of beings genetically engineered to face adversity without fear.

Harnessing the genes from an offshoot of the Corvon that had evolved into this aggressive large carnivore and coupling these with their own puny genetic contribution they gave birth to a new race – the NIZZ.

Towering over the Corvon by more than 4 feet, the NIZZ, with their protruding incisors, bright blue eyes, 5 inch claws, and stealthy ‘silent running’ characteristics starkly emphasized the fragile design of the Corvon ‘model’ – the contrast was shocking. Most Corvon were terrified of the NIZZ that is why the Leadership Committee decided it would be best to segregate the NIZZ from the general population. Corvon scientists had assured the Leadership Committee that the NIZZ could be controlled; they could be corralled in camps and extracted when needed. Acting upon the advice of the Committee the NIZZ were rounded up and stuffed in the camps.

They were a gallant race these NIZZ, who unknown to the Corvon possessed a mind that could rival theirs. Fear just wasn’t in their vocabulary, they faced all the obstacles to survival that the Corvon refused to acknowledge yet alone confront. They performed all the jobs that the Corvon had surrendered from fear or laziness. They became surrogate Corvon.

All the Corvon needed do was to sit in their oversized chairs from sunup to sundown. The NIZZ did it all; the Corvon just commanded and became weaker in both spirit and mind. In contrast to the Corvon the NIZZ not encumbered by inferior genes or the necessity to aimlessly order, direct, or control, grew both spiritually and mentally. The future was theirs for the taking; they waited patiently as the decades clicked off.

It was the classic example of the ‘inferior’ acutely aware that their blundering masters would eventually reach a dead-end – that would be the moment they’d strike.

On a pure crisp morning when their small dark yellow star rose to light a lazy day like so many before, the NIZZ emerged from they’re self imposed decades of slumber. They met the day energized with hatred.

Beware those seeking justice for they will execute their plans with a vengeance. Pain will become an opiate that they’ll gladly take to be rid of their overseers. The NIZZ had reached this defined state of self-respect.

In every corner of the planet the Corvon were forced to face the cruelest of realities – their own death.