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Crony Capitalist Society Breeds Good Worker Droids

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Frankel loves his job, Lora is thrilled about working for peanuts, and Jim is a devoted team player who relishes the daily submersion of his talents in the interests of group cohesion. All are good ideological conformists. No need to inspire them with the mythology of the day. Oh no, they'll go marching faithfully in their reconstituted reality.

The team, their team is an extension of the great societal machine, a productive monstrosity that integrated all the simple-minded fools into a single overarching corporate cooperative. It's an anthill, a human worker hive that operates at peak efficiency, productivity, and output.

This pattern was chosen not by design but simply out of laziness. Why invigorate our cultural fabric with multiple societal foundations when one will do the trick?

Organize our entire global societal framework into many corporate hierarchical units. Snuff out diversity of opinion; crush all those pesky emotions like sexual drive for they just distract working droids from the job at hand. Breed complacency by building an organizational structure that is so overarching that the only activity not associated with negative consequences is the faithful march - a passionless, grueling day-in day-out labor.

Walla, you've created the perfect machine state. Regimentation will vanquish free flowing expression. Virtual reality will replace reality. The ebb and flow of explosive emotional release will be channeled into work. Why waste good pent-up expressive, emotional, or primal energy when the parasitic crony business/government blob can make more cheap products when their worker drones are all hyperactive, hyped up, and ready to blow a fuse?

A tightly weaved societal structure will ensure that all runs smoothly, no kinks in this chain. Religion will damn those who enjoy life to fully, media conglomerates will enforce the accepted world views, government will have laws to keep the marching ants moving in unison down their grave centered path, and mega-crony businesses will set the rules that all other organizational structures clone.

No need to worry about deviants, those who perceive another form of tyranny lurking beneath layers of cultural conformity, these outlaws will be banished, forced to live in obscurity, outside the mainstream.

Don't look too closely; attempting to reconcile the actions of the blob that we're slithering within, for it will only drive you mad. The damn monstrosity is impervious to analysis, it's shielded from criticism, and no overt tyranny has ever been able to pacify the entire human race - until now. This diabolical abstraction, merged from many seemingly divergent cultural components will swallow the passionate, artistic, creative individuals leaving only obedient marching armies that are blind to their humanity, and fanatically loyal.