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Crony Capitalism - Inverted Totalitarianism

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Those fortunate not to live in a country that mows down its citizen's with machine guns - don't get too relaxed; take your hand off that recliner lever. You're in danger. Oh yes, a creeping insidious form of totalitarianism is invading your safe secure world. You've already been body-snatched, are being transformed into this hideous ideological savant that spouts crony capitalist truisms, a sheep among the flock that extols the complete elimination of the individual.

If you live in an inverted totalitarian state where you're just labor fodder for the almighty super company - a place that negates your direct representation by way of lobbyist intervention - demands your blissful compliance to supreme power - you must know deep down that your world is a well-crafted illusion.

Now if your nation-state has incinerated the constitution that binds reasonable citizens to reasonable laws and now enters your home without a warrant, breaks-down your door in the middle of the night to take you to a place outside the country for undisclosed crimes, torturing you and breaking every international law the binds decent governments: beware, your sliding down the slippery slope of tyranny.

Obviously, we inhabit a blue planet of injustice. Decency towards our fellow global citizens has been significantly degraded. Crony capitalists with their legions of lobbyists trash our basic rights. Docile media parrots spin the approved propaganda. While we continue to accept the latest indecency leveled against our person.

Empty your pockets, sign this form, close the door, and pee in that cup - drug test complete. You're required to sign that page long legalese form so the holier than thou employer can run a credit check. Sign here, so that the same company who's hired a legion of millionaire lobbyists to highjack your vote can run a background check.

Corporate lawyers have been hard at work squashing what little rights we have left. Their latest work of art requiring your signature is non-binding arbitration agreements where you relinquish your right to a fair trial. But the crown jewel of inverted totalitarianism is this newly emerging piece of shit where you sign your freedom of speech away, essentially you're no longer implicitly bound to be a good little serf, you're explicitly forbidden to engage in speech that the firm finds offensive. Or else, well you've guessed the punishment for not complying with that edict - you'll be fired. Forever excommunicated from gainful employment.

So don't you dare speak up or you'll lose your job. Forget about applying for that rare job if you've expressed yourself with any semblance of intellect. Remember your place is to accept. Employers, governments, the entire power base that invades your most personal, private spaces, this all intrusive global edifice must eliminate dissention, cogent thought, individualism, if it is to maintain power.

Collective thought, the pathogen that is internal obedience, collectivization, the hive mentality; this imprint of approved mega-corporate viewpoints has transformed us into pliable robots.

So you say that you're a citizen of a democracy. It does sound appealing; you really must raise the flag before you head off to the slave camp.

"Equality, equity, justice, freedom of speech, and direct representation by an actively engaged citizenry…" - oh damn, you didn't? Finish your programmed response later! I'd double-check that Facebook, or Twitter remark you posted yesterday. Not the drivel that you faithfully spouted just now. It was that unapproved individual viewpoint. Someone may report you; don't want to infuriate your employer, or some government Droid. You might lose your job. Wouldn't want to be thrown into the abyss with the other unemployed, or is it unemployable social miscreants - those who've dared to question authority. Worse yet, they could ship you away to some dungeon - loose the key - forget you're there.

The intertwining of nation-state and mega corporate power places us all at risk of being assimilated into the "hive": a global, highly organized edifice of authority that guides your every desire, dream, and thought.

We're all just pawns. Informed citizenry is obsolete. Better to have a frightened, docile, pliable mass of flesh that is oblivious to reality.