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Corporatist Pigs Destroy the Global Farm

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The Corporatists having created an "income crisis" where consumer demand has been liquidated can't possibly believe they can squeeze more income juice by yanking harder at our wages, and outsourcing additional jobs from developed countries to low-cost labor markets, especially after cutting most of us off from 'company store' (2nd mortgage) easy credit.

Unfortunately, this long-term problem (like all others) isn't understood by short-term wired peanut brained Corporatists. That's because they're driven exclusively by animal instincts like a lust for power and an all-consuming greed addition.

With this insight into this primitive animal mind we're finally able to begin to unravel its secrets.

The primary objective of the multi-national corporate Mafioso above all else is absolute power. They're a heartbeat away from achieving their vision of a worldwide corporate police state. Through their international network of lobbyist lieutenants they've managed to body-snatch (put on the payroll) the majority of nation-state government representatives. At present, very little stands in their way.

Having already horded trillions of dollars in their gilded pigsties, the Corporatist swine in a hangover stupor from partying hardy on their holdup loot are dragging their worthless pink skinned butts back to their golden feeding troughs. Smacking their drool dripping snouts all the way they squeal in anticipation. The biggest porkers race out front to get to the fatty income rich slop first.

With their investments tanking daily, these CEOs, executive hoodlums, washed up voodoo Economists, prima - Donna propagandists, crafty lobbyist henchmen, high rolling casino addicted speculators, and boot licking political hacks (all Corporatists) are starting to realize their screwed. A hearty chant, an orthodox inspired incantation, or a foot stomping rattle shaking good dance around the fiery voodoo pit won't stop our collective race to the bottom.

The Corporatists have finally killed the golden goose that is global demand. They've twisted its neck with their filthy hooves.

But somehow the golden feeding troughs must be filled with pilfered income goodies even if the spouts that were sucking income from their businesses - fed from ever lower wages goes drip, drip, drip.

The loss of this direct route of income extortion doesn't worry these expert thieves. For the transition from low-wage tyranny to slavery is well underway. If these greed addicted despots can't drain enough income from their businesses during this intermediary shift they've instructed their government puppets to get the income from us any way they can - taxing the hell out of us or slashing government services is already diverting income to these money grubbing monsters.

Beware the Corporatist leaches for they are finely tuned manipulators always on the lookout for distortion riddled contrivances that will allow them to eat lobster & steak while the rest of us line up at a soup kitchen.

Working overtime, six-to-seven-figure hired gun lobbyists are busily extorting more 'protection money' from the always-open government stores. They've already figured out that if they have their federal government stooges withhold or cut off funding to state and local governments this money can be made available for another treasury raid, or soaked up in lower tax rates.

We wouldn't want elite multi-million dollar sheiks to pay their fair share in taxes, in fact just lower them even on their businesses. You know, it's so much more rewarding to have the Corporatist gang soak us poor folk that way, no matter how you slice or dice it all this extra looted income is made available to these fat cats.

It's hard to think right now with all the anointed goofballs justifying this global bank robbery. The snorting is almost deafening, all the big Corporatist porkers are a mite bit agitated waiting for their regular income feeding. Their hooves are desperately pounding the oil soaked dirt.

At last, this new source of income comes spewing out of the income tube.

Merriment is evident in the frothed hides of these single-minded swine as they voraciously feed on the last remaining income juices extracted by their government providers.

These pigs proudly proclaim…

"If we can't get our income poor fellow animals to buy the shit we excrete that they use to grow their fodder because we've diverted all their income into our golden troughs why not have our paid off farmers (governments) steal their remaining fodder from their silos (tax the hell out of them), and teardown their barns (cut their services) for firewood."

At least this way, the most important animal of the bunch, the greedy pig Corporatists can feed heartily in the short-term until they've laid waste to the farm.