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Corporatist Jails - 'Democratic' and State Capitalism

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An argument was ensuing over who was the better jailer the State Capitalists like Russia, Venezuela, or China, or the 'Democratic' Capitalists like the U.S. and Europe. Both sides were poised to present the merits of their system of subjugation.

"Here in the State Capitalist system the laborers have chains that are tied to the political ruling elite. But remember when workers struggle to vigorously to break their chains we just send in the military, throw them in dungeons, execute the leaders, and Walla the whole lot is exterminated. End of story."

Not to be outdone by his counterpart in a tyrannical Corporatist government, the leaders, the actual pullers of the government puppet strings in the 'Democratic' Capitalist states, the multi-national corporation's elites spoke up.

"Our approach is much more effective, subtle, in that we expend far less energy making sure our laboring wage slave's chains are firmly attached. From an early age our future laborers are indoctrinated into believing that corporations, in fact the whole government/corporation Corporatist establishment is setup for their benefit - all they must do is work harder and harder, accept less and less pay, don't ask questions, and let us screw them so we can live in castles."

So there you have it. Under the State Capitalist system the jailers use a hard direct in your face approach while in the 'Democratic' Capitalist Corporatist world, propaganda, and indirect prodding of the wage slaves is the preferred method of exploitation.

When the workers of both these tyrannical systems of greed infestation were asked to choose between the jailhouse of State Capitalism or the kinder friendlier but no less exploitive slave camp found under 'Democratic' Capitalism they resoundingly stormed the prison gates of both. Once on the outside, they were finally able to breathe fresh clean air, fish in waters untainted by oil, have government representatives directly answerable to them, work in corporations with their representatives on an elected board, and receive a fair days wage for a fair days work.

Interestingly, when the majority of the world's citizens came to the realization that they weren't children requiring a big daddy government, ruler, corporation, or government/business monstrosity to direct their every move they awakened their inner fire of freedom that had been smothered under both forms of global Corporatism.

Give it any name you wish but call it what it truly is - slavery. Whether it's slavery under the most powerful tyrant or group of corporate puppet masters is immaterial, both forms of oppression suck the life's blood from the majority of global citizens so that a chosen few elites can live in opulent grandeur - the chains still rattle the same when bolted to their respective walls.

Regardless of the flavor of the Corporatist monster that rapes our planets resources, trashing the very soul of our existence beyond recognition, it is still a form of bondage. If my jailer is the 'good cop' or the 'bad cop' flavor, or the prison overtly or covertly manipulates my life does it matter in the end; is either jail preferable when unobstructed democracy and freedom is the real objective?