Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Corporatist Empire Ostracizes, Kills Dissenters

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Icy winds blow at over seventy mile per hour, blinding snow chokes the air, stiff limbs push against an unseen wall, numb fingers mechanically shove the pole into the hard frozen ground - a solitary step forward, must keep going, stopping is not an option.

The temperature is now thirty below zero. Legs loosing feeling, walking like a scarecrow, feel like a robot trudging forward against a terrible force, but must not let this abominable storm win.

Cold is invading a heaving chest. Short gasps of artic air burn the lungs.

Calculating the distance to be traveled, clicked off, the mind drips optimism into a body that would have collapsed long ago. Refusing to let go, being fed from an inner strength, this soul that has known nothing but pain is an indomitable force, that won't be crushed by adversity.

No power, no matter how great, can conquer a human being determined to right a pervasive wrong.

Ostracized by publishers, every form of business across all professions in countless industries my words still reach the blank pages. This terrible blizzard that has been my life will undoubtedly never subside; my resolve is unaffected.

Tired, sometimes struggling to write each paragraph, the dream of a better future keeps my fingers from going numb. Being a truth teller has never been easy in a world subdued by lies. There have been many who've taken up this thankless vocation, a few come to mind: Thomas Paine, Upton Sinclair, and Henry David Thoreau.

Initially, there are always a few converts who want to take the hard road down realism. Not many comprehend, believe, or desire to swerve from the comfortable path but over time more join the lonely pack of visionaries.

Others frightened by crystal clear reality fight the messengers with every fiber of their miserable suffocating existence. No barb is to cruel to throw, no trap too painful to ensnare, no injustice to horrible to invoke - they don't know why - they only know the heretics must be broken, must be destroyed, turned to dust at any cost. These are the little minds, cloistered, secure, and locked down, no longer functioning on their own; they are the collective followers incapable of optimism of any shade or hue.

Governments, organizations, corporations, and societal structures that entrap human beings in structured group thought are saturated with collective followers. A safe, pleasurably process bound internal landscape allows these static bound calculators to march through their lives in a regimented orderly progression. Not wanting to make waves they just gulp down every indignity, injustice, and unjust action without comment.

All of these safe "others" are people who are incapable of taking a stand. They waffle back and forth between the sanctioned Corporatist approved beliefs of the day. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is just such a person who aims to please to a fault.

But with the President of the United States having a secret CIA hit list of U.S. citizens (12 at last count) that he is legally entitled to murder without due process or even a show trial is it any wonder why there are an ever-increasing number of citizens seeking a safe harbor where they can languish until death.

Taken together the whole Corporatist Empire with its intertwined multi-national corporations that blacklist trouble makers like this author, many more smaller firms that follow their lead, and the integrated nation-states that continue to strengthen the stranglehold over the subjugated majority form this amorphous monstrosity of corruption that has managed to keep the lid shut tight on organized global dissent.

The blizzard is intensifying; the temperature has now fallen to fifty below zero. Many lay frozen on the tundra. Most will never taste pure freedom untainted by wage slavery, lobbyists, bought-out government representatives, and corporations gladly destroying for that next incremental increase in pilfered profit.

Few individuals will rise to the challenge; understand the enormity of the task, the daily chiseling of a granite mountain. Some, as they tingle in a frozen stupor, those who weren't frightened by extreme adversity, will look back in pride. They'll be thankful that they didn't shirk their responsibility to humanity, rose up to fight evil, and were able to pave the way to a global community founded upon pure freedom.

So let the cold eternal darkness descend.