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Mystical Predestiny - Corporatist Attempt at Pacification

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Elite sponsored propagandists have been hard at work. They’ve been spinning every conceivable yarn, a plethora of misdirection, and an abundance of medieval mysticism.

We’re daily barraged with mystic readings from eminent well-connected Ivy League experts declaring the end of human creativity. They prophesize that the new world order, a global slave gulag rift with income inequality, controlled by a Corporatist mega wealthy elite class is our destiny, our inescapable rotten future.

These merchants of a diseased system of societal malfeasance want to mentally incapacitate us – redirect our attention away from reality towards their mystical predestiny. They’re attempting to safeguard their stinking bankers club of the super-rich from being overrun by a mass of humanity. By emphasizing the futility of action the elitists could effectively pacify us into a permanent inactivity.

So if we’re led to believe that there is something fundamentally different, inescapably predestined about the human condition – some yet unknown possibly never understood flaws in our psyches then these income craving super rich sociopaths could shift our attention away from their dysfunctional kleptocracy. If they can convince global citizens that our dire straits are the result of forces beyond the control of mere mortals then these blood sucking elite thieves are off the hook, they have free reign to sacrifice us in their quest for unlimited wealth and power.

How should we respond to this disgusting obfuscation of the facts by the agents of greed? Do we start asking legitimate questions? Absolutely, let’s continually confront the purveyors of illusion with a steady stream of inescapable evidence – drown out their lies. Don’t give them the opportunity to rewrite history! We know our condition isn’t the result of forces beyond our control but instead a ruthless power grab by a cabal of elite tyrants with an unquenchable lust to own and control everything.

They won’t satiate their desire for unlimited power and wealth until they bury each of us in a pauper’s grave. Of course, if these barbarians prevail and that red hot day dawns, they will have already devoured every last planetary resource as a result of their gluttony. A trackless dead desert sphere floating in the vast darkness of space – that will be our epitaph.