Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Corpopolis - Biggest Polluters and Goldman Soakers

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America the industrious, from the "Dead Gulf", to the coast of the dying Atlantic, all the way to the western ocean; from sea to shining sea - a toxic waste dump for business. Flying a safe altitude above the deadly fumes the President of this integrated Corpopolis smiled with perverse careless abandon.

"Yet another day to screw those degenerates below!"

That pesky democratic process, although more antidemocratic than pure had been thankfully wiped out. The kiss of death to all those intermediaries (the lobbyists & government puppets) was a superb stimulant to the bottom line profit of all business leaches.

With no laws of any kind to interfere with the power of the business cabal, wages were lowered below subsistence, concentration camps to house malcontents were constructed, and mandatory work increased from fifty to eighty hours a week. No hindrance remained to interfere with the repeated income rape of the general citizenry.

"Boy, would the next round of edicts surprise all those labor slugs when wages were completely eliminated in favor of "Indefinite Internships". Had to admit that was a slick word for slavery."

In the past there'd been far too many embarrassing incidents that couldn't be easily explained away, the Goldman Soakers, Biggest Polluters (BP), the bailing out of Wall Street bankers, and all the other standard operating procedures in an international corporatist police state.

By far the biggest problem had been the Presidents of these United States of ultimate corruption. Some had been like Teflon, no amount of underhanded dealing would stick but others just couldn't get with the program they just had to muck with the machine.

"Your Excellency, we're about to land at Adam Smith International Airport please fasten your seat belt and place your seat in the upright position."

"Wonderful beyond imagining was the fact that everyone finally new their place in the giant grinding wheel. Just like the pilot, they were all terrified not to slip up in the slightest or else they'd be sent to one of those all-purpose concentration camps; for, you guessed it, terrorists - what a handy word."

"Unlimited power was such an intoxicating opiate, you just couldn't get enough, the more you got, the more spectacular the highs."

All these thoughts rattled around in the small walnut in between Lothian's ears. Following orders, being a profoundly believable yes man, these traits had been all that was necessary, for he'd been 'hatched' from aristocratic stock, conceived by even more worthless sociopath parents, guaranteed a slot in the gigantic slot machine.

After being adequately brainwashed in the gospel of capitalist thievery his income-sucking parents consulted the best Ivy League business schools. They were confident that with just the right amount of 'palm grease' they could get their box thinking brain dead boy into just about any top notch closed loop capitalist MBA program.

As it turned out, Lothian exceeded all their expectations by easily gliding down the well-worn path of deceit, corruption, and theft.

Now Lothian's biggest daily concerns centered on how well he could 'game' the system in order to extract the most loot. Essentially, nobody gave a hoot about the environment or his or her fellow human beings because it was all a short-term game of extraction - a here today, gone tomorrow, gang mentality.

Remembering his latest incident after leaving Global Economy International Airport yesterday Lothian got on his Crackberry and typed a text message to security.

"President Lothian, code XXX… Make certain the Low-Life Razors clear a better path through the scum begging along the access road from the airport. My latest experience at Global Economy was less than satisfactory. If those worthless bums aren't kept the allotted twenty feet from my limousine this time, I can assure you I'll have the head of Homeland Security on my plate by dinner time - understood?"

He felt so much better now that he'd gotten that nagging little potential inconvenience out of the way - handled forthright.

"Your Excellency, we've landed at Adam Smith International Airport. Your security detail is waiting at the tarmac with the tanks and armored personnel carriers already strategically deployed. There have been no sign of the People's Freedom Front yet."

"Hell, there are always those who want to take back their share of the pie from us gluttons."