Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

CorpGov Emphasizes Education

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"Get in line!" yelled the red faced commandant of CorpGov University 501. If the education slaves had the luxury of looking skyward out beyond their newly constructed thought prison they would have seen a flock of birds beating violently to stay clear of their speck of visible blue sky. But these young indoctrinated believers in the unbelievable just riveted their attention upon the dispassionately mean eyes of the commandant.

Meanwhile, the birds passing over this colorless, uniform chunk of concrete block were filled with terror at being dragged down towards this malignant surface that greedily engulfed its natural surroundings. Even these small-brained thinkers could sense an evil pock on the land, something contrived, another cage of the "land crawlers". The fear of these simple creatures was palpable for their little hearts would always beat furiously when they came near these sentinels of evil. It was as if a giant hand was reaching out to grab them in midflight and pull them towards the earth, towards this cage; a prison they'd never escape.

So these carefree travelers floating on the winds of freedom always moved clear of the protruding tumors that grew and metastasized across a tortured surface - a mangled distortion of reality and clarity. Once clear they continued to navigate the open expanses of sky and horizon.

Down below in the new prison of heart, soul, and mind constructed to muzzle brilliant minds - the voices of the 'belly crawlers' could be heard more clearly.

"You've all been selected based upon your high score on the NAT and your unusually high rating on the CorpGov Psychological Passivity test. Your time here will benefit the Motherland, increase the mountains of wealth flowing to our elite masters, and keep at bay any terrorist influences that are seeking to destroy this great nation. You should all feel a sense of honor at being selected for this glorious undertaking!"

The corporate elite invited to attend this event welcoming this infusion of ripe readied minds, plowed, and tilled of any weeds of dissention and self-inspired creativity just rubbed their blue veined hands together with satisfaction. Here, right before their eyes were the latest arrivals of new stock, new minds that'd add to their limitless resources of highly skilled slave labor.

It was evident to these lords that these centers of higher indoctrination, dogma, and business/government sterility would not have been possible if it weren't for the hard work of an army of lobbyists and bought out government puppets who'd successfully subverted all the nation-states of this world - their kingdom.

All these kings and queens of the global business gulag were flush with anticipation at the quantity of riches they'd pillage from their contrived and corrupted economic system, when this, their latest batch of labor slaves entered an already overflowing supply of highly skilled and highly educated workers upon graduation.

Sitting on the viewing stand these lords of this new medieval kingdom stretching across the planet smiled at each other with crooked upturned lips. For they had achieved the impossible - they'd subverted reality, converted the conscious into droids, sterilized natural passions, built endless ruts of conformity, and were now adding to their limitless supply of slave labor stock. These fresh additions to their stock would yield an unimaginable mountain of loot, a pile of riches already burdening the stuffed vaults of their big banks.