Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Big-Business Hooked Puppets Promote Continued Milking of Ninety-Nine Percenters

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Fundamental change that speeds us light-years from our current corporate controlled society is the only way to guarantee that our purple revolution is not an exercise in futility. We must completely restructure, retool, and reorganize this rigged capitalist society. Let's chuck this rotten system of exploitation in the dumpster where it belongs. Only bought-out political hacks, an academia that owes its professional stature to promoting farcical capitalist economic theories, a gaggle of lobbyists, and an assortment of others who personally benefit from this parasitic society can say with a straight face that we should just make minor tweaks. Income sucker dependent double-talkers' are crawling out from behind the floorboards. Hillary Clinton who made $675,000 from Goldman Sacks for three speeches could never be influenced by a magnanimous bankster empire. She does not feel the least soiled by accepting blood money from this obscene predatory financial casino. Why would anyone believe this corporate fiend had an ulterior motive for handing over this money? These bandits at the apex of an elite planetary shadow government comprised of numerous nation-states that prey upon the voiceless citizenry would never dream of asking her or any of the other free-market ideologues for a favor. This de facto business autocracy that all of us are chained to through our corporate dictatorships always operates above board - there could never be any ruby studded backroom deals cut by these vandals.

Maybe the reason so many capitalist evangelicals have crawled out from under the woodwork is because their graft based remuneration would end if their paymasters are thrown in jail. They feel threatened by an insurgent world population that is about to put the squeeze on their cash orgies. By laying waste to the too-big-to-fail financial institutions, and vaporizing this 'taker' society that pauperizes the general population to feed the unquenchable greed of high-placed sociopaths our People's Movement would leave these royalist enablers without a source of income.

Do you believe these puppets would be capable of earning a living? Without their sovereigns to backstop them these capitalist dogmatists would no longer be able to spew their philosophy of working class obedience to a degenerate society of coercive impoverishment. Up near the Arctic Circle somewhere closer to Nome, Alaska where their lobbyist buddies will be learning new skills like walrus hunting the "Lost Tribe of Propagandists" would have no choice but to give their forked tongues a rest. When its fifty degrees below zero you just want to cut the ice blocks so you can quickly build your igloo and get inside to enjoy a piping hot bowl of seal blubber soup. There is nothing that can compare to a solid ice floor with bone-bowl in hand after a long day in this desolate emptiness.

Shipping the enablers of this pernicious society up to this frozen expanse, all those lobbyists who are the proxy constituents, banksters directly involved with bilking citizens out of their life's savings, and assorted other swindlers who benefit from a corrupt big-business ruled society is the justice based component of a culmination of our People's Movement revolution. To further isolate the 1% shadow government we need to promulgate the nasty truth that none of us in the general population are the real constituents of their sham democracies. We are therefore under no obligation to obey laws enacted by big-business lobbyist directed constituent proxies. Why should we feel morally bound to observe laws made by legislative bodies in which we have no genuine representation? The royalists have silenced our voices by installing armies of lobbyists in every nation's capital. Lapping up billions in excess dollars that spills over the wealth and income dams of their master castle dwellers, these 'blow-up' constituents have offshore accounts with tens of billions of dollars used to bribe lawmakers and enjoy lifestyles beyond the comprehension of most ninety-nine percenters.

Just like the imitation and artificial 'food' there transnational agribusiness cronies haul from dirty factories to our grocery stores our governments are made to resemble real electorate responsive institutions but are instead masterful copies chockfull of foul ingredients. Genuine electorate responsive governments make lobbying lawmakers a felony punishable by twenty or more years in prison. A real democracy enacts laws and dispenses justice that conforms to the dictates of the majority of citizens. In our fake 1% elite dispensary of business socialism the shadow government deflects all legislation that does not first pass the test of benefiting their special interest rich patrons. No law is ever considered by the gerrymanders of democratic process unless it can transfer to corporations more money from our pockets than we receive in benefits. If a proposed law does not handsomely enrich insurance, financial, and other top-tier wealthy gangsters the big-business shadow government will have their lobbyist puppeteers snuff it out.

Capitalist society is a poison that breeds moral decay. In a culture that dishonors the great ideals of impartial justice for all, equity, equality, democracy, freedom, fairness, and an effusive egalitarianism can we expect ethical laws to be enacted? Globalized oligarchy has created a system of economic apartheid, a new feudalism, where the lords of the manor are big-business executives and serfs are the voiceless, overworked, and underpaid general population. Why do we feed obligated to respect laws passed by a kingdom that are intentionally disrespectful of the wants and needs of the majority. If the paragons of capitalist society regularly disparage integrity, morality, and all the values of an egalitarian civilization why should we hold ourselves to a higher standard of ethical behavior than the lobbyists, CEOs, executives, politicians, and other 'takers' of this corrupt society?

A modern civilization would never consider promoting discord, inequality, and dishonesty. Civilized societies strive to enhance ubiquitous cohesion across the maximum available geographical space. Stability across all component parts including the economic sphere is maintained within a democracy by enacting and enforcing classless laws that are demanded by a majority of the citizenry. No subunit of the cultural footprint is allowed to gain preeminence just so they can subvert the democratic process for their own personal gain and power. Unabridged freedom of expression can provide more powerfully organized groups with a broader base of support in the general electorate but their rights are limited to promoting not subverting elected officials to bow to their every desire. No group or organization should ever be allowed to exercise exclusive control over the democratic process. Overt and covert manipulation of government with the express purpose being to disconnect the real majority constituents from their democratic institutions should be punishable by judicial penalties that are even more severe than the most horrific of crimes. Clearly, if a group of individuals is able to subvert the democratic process changing it instead to their own personal authoritarian state substantially more lives would be lost to homelessness, extreme poverty, incarceration, inequality, racism, ethnic divisions, and a pervasive depression leading to drug abuse than the small numbers of serious crimes committed in a civilization that enshrines liberty within an effusive egalitarian society.

Criminals rule this planet. In any enlightened modern civilization they would not be attempting to dissuade the general population from electing candidates who promote universal healthcare within a single payer system devoid of insurance company profit oriented leaches. These same mobsters pulling the strings of their political puppets would never be given the chance to incite fighting across a fractured planet just to keep the general population occupied so they could extract all the income from an enslaved citizenry. They would surely have the freedom to express their viewpoints but nobody would listen to their absurd propositions. Instead the fully funded mental institutions may be called upon to treat their sociopathic tendencies.

Anytime someone trumpets the 'benefits' of an ideology that favors a special few over the unobscured logical outcomes possible when we all work together to solve problems that affect us all we should question their integrity. Why would anyone promote such an irrational set of status-quo dogma infused proposals if they were not being handsomely rewarded by their elite masters to keep the general population locked down? Clearly, if an outcome benefits you, makes your life easier, reduces the amount of money you must spend, and is generally a more equitable outcome than further enriching the billionaire class then why not support the individual who is proposing many such revolutionary changes.

Malicious mischief is promoted by the billionaire ruling class. It is in their best interest to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Our People's Movement represents a cross-section of every race, ethnicity, religion, nation-state, occupation, and ideological viewpoint. We are fused around the simple premise that the general citizenry should have an unobstructed voice in genuine democracies that are not merely puppet governments doing the biding of Wall Street banksters and other filthy-rich con artists. Granted, we do have many ideological differences. Once we have jettisoned this propaganda spewing, income leaching, lobbyist infested rigged capitalist society the respect we have for our compatriots will enable us to agree to disagree - work through our differences for the common good. Out of this mutual esteem for each other's viewpoint we will forge the first global unification of humanity. A modern civilization that will safeguard the voices of the general citizenry and enshrine a cultural construct that is egalitarian to its very core.