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Consumption Crisis Resulting From Distorted Economy

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Everything that transpires on our planet cycles within one of many natural loops given that the entire biosphere is our self-contained spaceship hurtling us on its elliptical track around the Sun. Space engulfs this living organically lush planet reaching around it with a cold vacuum of nothing other than plasma energies that race across the poles ebbing from our pulsing star. All the various natural systems stabilize across a range of dynamic spectrums merging, mingling, and converging across boundaries that are in a constant state of flux. Nothing is at any instant in a state of equilibrium but only continually approaching a natural steady state. The key word is approaching, since the planetary events are like a boiling pot of water vigorously active but never so stimulated to exceed the natural limits placed upon their expanding volume of molecular excitement.

Chaotic systems both natural and artificially induced (like our contorted, manipulated economic society) always involve the excitement of a multitude of variables that operate within a unique closed system. It is still a system even though most of the variables have been distorted in order to bring short-term gain to a few at the expense of those many who continually grope for income with outstretched hands. Any one of the perturbed variables may tilt the entire system towards temporary instability. Granted a multiplicative effect of income generation is possible by generously infusing the system with income but only through meaningful production either creative or actual transformation of material into useable capital is unperturbed economic steady state migration possible.

Every element of the economic system is intimately interlocked - withhold income from one segment of the functioning economy and this distorts many other segments causing rippling disturbances to course across an inherently unstable human creation. It will always operate within the dictates of its natural environment but always be susceptible to coercively powerful groups that will attempt to convert it into their endless income stream with the result being regular corrections resulting from consumption starvation. Essentially, the top will continue spinning but will from time to time wobble uncontrollably across a rough distorted surface until it reaches the smooth flat evenness representative of an equitable stable economic system not skewed by ridges resulting from greed induced manipulation.

Thorsten Veblen realized that only through a holistic analysis of the economy involving every discipline (psychology, economics, biology, etc.), would we ever be able to fully comprehend such a complex system.