Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom


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There exists a fine delineation between the citadels of the totalitarian economic society and the remaining insignificant external community. Within the business citadels those who hold positions of power through their exquisite ability to adhere to the precepts of a morally corrupt environment expect that all their actions regardless of how sinister be shielded behind the impenetrable walls of their 'free market'. They hold this false illusion that any act may be committed against their fellow citizens once they've crossed the demarcation line from their community into the domain of the all-powerful business.

Actions have consequences - they may not be apparent within a reasonable period of time but answerable once the rumblings of change have subsided. When clarity has once again replaced the tumult of evil - justice will arise from the ashes of distortion and reclaim its rightful place among the people. Those citizens that have chosen to disregard the basic decency, equity, and respect of their fellow citizens by engaging themselves in activities such as outsourcing, the hiring of foreign H1-B or L-1 workers, commodity speculation, or any action that was taken to benefit the few at the expense of the many will face consequences for their actions. The memory of a people that have felt the unrelenting 'kick of a shoe' by those who would disregard the most basic moral decency towards their fellow citizens is crystal clear across any expanse of time.

Even though the surrogates of business within the totalitarian economic society daily cross into their castle walls unobstructed by actions that they take against their fellow citizens within, they still must cross over the moat back into their communities. Communities that are experiencing the trauma of the furtherance of their greed induced gospel of 'free trade'. Family's lives are being disrupted beyond repair and communities torn asunder under the tyrant's pull of injustice - these are effects of the actions taken by the few against the dreams of the many. Step out into the fresh air of your community but be warned that those who've been affected by your callous disregard for your fellow citizen will consider you a traitor and clearly mark the day in the future when you'll be answerable for your corrupt actions taken through your philosophy of greed.

Watch carefully your every step within your community because there will be no escape from the eyes of those who still wear their citizenship proudly unsoiled by actions in support of a totalitarian economic society. For they will make your existence a nightmare equivalent to the nightmare you exposed them to within your hallowed walls of corruption and greed. No longer will the surrogates of business who've railroaded their fellow citizens into poverty find solace or peace within their communities. How convenient, comfortable, and quiet their lives have been in the past - they could retire daily to their communities after terminating hundreds or thousands of their fellow citizens only to replace them with foreigners willing to work for practically nothing. Or possibly they just closed an entire office or factory terminating thousands of citizens only to open the office again in another country with a lower wage rate. It's interesting to watch the smug callous secure strutting of these drones of business within the confines of their castles - nothing will dissuade them from the pillage of their fellow citizens because their souls are already black with evil. The transformation of their attitude into one of insecurity, watchfulness, and worry will be quite refreshing once they've realized that there will be consequences for their heartless revelry.

An awakening of realization is coursing across all the citizens of our nation. We're rising from a long torpor that was induced by a continual stream of 'free market' propaganda meant to subdue us to the point of inaction. With this realization and awakening we're acutely aware of our responsibly to our country and children - we will remember and act. Nothing should or will transcend our rights to life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness - absolutely nothing!