Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Conformists Maintain Economic Terminus Glide Path

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The coming nightmare is just around the corner, extending its shadowy darkness across a global landscape that will become so blighted that just locating products to purchase will become the ultimate challenge for the few survivors still holding money. Freight shipments will have long since come to an end leaving only dusty shelves. We will probably reach the terminus of an income crisis spiral that will leave nothing in its wake - even after the totally ineffectual bailouts of financial institutions and puny attempts at fiscal stimulation.

At the local grocer a square frozen food case in the center of the store becomes the focal point of desolation with a gleaming freezer burned brown piece of meat that beckons to the starving survivors. Every morsel of food was long since picked clean from the shelves of this and many other stores. Most communities resembled ghost towns replete with boarded up windows, out of business signs, and roaming bulging eyed disbelievers in dirty disheveled clothes covering wafer thin bodies.

It was evident that most world leaders had taken more stock in utilizing economic theories that had created the conditions for this abomination called an economy rather than accepting theories borne from an alien mind. The steps that were required demanded bold leadership that was able to break free from the prison of conformity - something very few are even able to conceptualize. So, it all played out again, this scratched record of a future that can't move past the first few verses of a tune constantly repeating endlessly across the eons.

The economic terminus is more often reached by self-assured confident societies struggling to adhere to invalid but comforting illusions of reality rather than shatter their belief system sheltered behind an impregnable wall of approved intelligentsia. Once this barrier to entry is erected most actions at coherent rational persuasion are immediately discounted by a chorus of intellectual gatekeepers intent upon maintaining their positions built upon adhering to the status quo.

Molding positive shifts in the future timeline by interfering with the natural progression of events necessarily necessitates injecting concepts and theories across a multitude of societal imperatives that are most often rejected outright. Success is minimal, only rarely are enlightened, intelligent, adaptable leaders found interspersed among the more generally prevalent conformists. It is the conformists who are the bane of progressive, liberal, creative, and adaptable thought required of any society focused on enlightened equitable, sustainable, stable advancement. These safe, comfortable, rigid true believers in the here and now inhibit all the good works of those aimed at averting negative or truly disastrous societal paths - they are the lead sheep that all others follow blindly into oblivion.

Drained of most of my life energies after a long and tiring day spent in obtaining a living in a society more obtuse than any other ever encountered - my optimism wanes.