Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Conformists - Foot Soldiers of the Powerful

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Oh, the sweet blessed solicitude of all the idiots that consort to maintain their pleasant privileges in a world of fixed regularity, custom, ideals, and straight jacketed education. How could a nation so blighted by simple-minded rulers across all spectrums of our society ever assume that knowledge wasn't a commodity purchasable from the highest bidder? Our entire history demanded the verifiable, not to our senses but emblazed upon some official document inscribed by other official writings, prescribed by still more official thought constrained lessons, within a building populated by holders of sacred truths. Never mind the travesties committed by a multitude of zombie thought 'repeaters' walking blindly to and fro in a world interconnected by generated and sanctioned ignorance.

Where and how do we get off from our ride along a continual migration towards more mediocrity touted as brilliance? Nothing is so utterly infuriating than the constant cackles coming from the easily swayed uninspiring thought grafters that grasp for any thread of brilliance while remaining firmly surrounded by a horde of intelligentsia and elites. Is it so difficult to rise up from the mock of common complacent thought and make the leap to unconstrained, boundless, realistic discovery? No, it will not be safe to exercise your ideas released from their chains of societal conformity and illusion but it is necessary to secure our future away from a world where the mediocre enter and exit with profusion from an interlocked honeycomb of barriers of entry.

When we're young life is fresh and blooming with possibilities - we can attest to a limitless horizon penetrable from every direction. Countless times children will readily admit that they find all events awe inspiring. Everything is within their reach - except the boundaries erected early by an educational system designed to corral those predestined to compromised 'box thought' and those who will endeavor to attain true knowledge free from the jailers prod. The 'box thinkers' become the inelegant careful to please followers of conformity while the 'others' exist in a periphery of complex nonconformity spawning ideas that are stolen or otherwise disregarded by the newly ascendant conformists. Since most conformists are incapable of spawning their own truly revolutionary ideas other than outgrowths from other accepted thoughts they grope in the dark for understanding in times of crisis. Once found, they latch a hold of an idea with all their might dragging it back into their 'box' for assimilation with their other contorted mass of beliefs. After the new idea has been assimilated with the other mush sloshing around in the 'box' it is no longer recognizable in its original pure undistorted form.

Thus the wheels of societal complacent mediocrity grind slowly on down the path of stunted sticky progress. When power is no longer recognized by the masses as a proxy for intelligence stirring of discontent finally erupt. After many years of accumulated ineffectual ordained dogma those who don't belong to the elite establishment chisel fissures that eventually become cracks that break the system asunder. With each carbon copy that is spit out from the sterile foundation of ordained knowledge the voices of established custom grow louder in their attempts to drown out dissidents. But they're eventually recognized for what they are - blind adherents to the clearly defined dogma necessary to advance the interests of a few powerful elites. They are the easily impressed, conditioned, foot soldiers of the powerful that keep society bound to policies, theories, and beliefs that are essential to an aristocracy or plutocracy's maintenance of indirect control over the majority of its citizens. Without these simple minded follows ready to pull the rusty levers of power at a moment's notice, the entire inequitable, unstable, patently unjust engine of corruption would stop. So are we to exalt their experience of failure that has compounded our problems into our current state of collapse? Should we reward those who've consorted with the powerful in building up this world of illusion? A world constructed around the dreams and aspirations of the few achieved through the crushing underfoot of the many. There is no voice so small that it shouldn't be heard above the decadent laughter of the greedy few.

Our placid submission to governments that are nothing more than indistinguishable shades of corruption spread endlessly across decades must cease.