Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Condescending Elite Powerbrokers Hold the Keys to This Kingdom of Oppression

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Gun slinging police officers ready to shoot a stream of bullets at citizens over the slightest provocation are not overwhelmingly bigoted executioners. Granted there is probably a disproportionate number of ‘closet racists’ in law enforcement but these haters lurk in the shadows across the width-and-breadth of this fractured country. The underlying reason for the increase in these oft repeated tragedies where unarmed citizens are gunned down, brutalized, and verbally assaulted by big-money elite enforcers is that we, the people, white, black, yellow, and tan of the 99% are expendable – mere widgets to be tossed in the dumpster by the 1% ruling class. Our only value to the mega-corporations, lobbyists, political hacks, CEOs, billionaires, and bankers is in how cheaply they can hire us. Whether we are able to exponentially increase our productivity for less and less money – this is the measure of our worth to these our new feudal overlords.

Race is tangential. The inferno burning in our hearts is stoked not so much by race but by the unrelenting pillage of aristocrats who cheer us on to fight amongst ourselves for the few pennies they drop from above. The injustices, inequality, disrespect, and suffering that we have been forced to endure is finally pouring up from the dungeon.

Subservient sniveling slaves within a system of oppression are always told that their real enemy lies not behind the castle walls but inside the hovels of their own kind. Condescending elite powerbrokers who hold the keys to the kingdom of oppression that is our false democracy – the lobbyist directed oligarchical governmental edifice resting upon our shattered dreams this should be the target of our pent up anger – an unbearable frustration.

So get past focusing upon a symptom of a much larger problem. Bigotry present in all its disgusting forms foments fighting in our ranks. It is but another tool of the fat-cat elite rulers to keep us tearing at each other’s throats so that they can conduct their business as usual – the siphoning off of all earthly income and resources. If our masters really cared about justly enforcing laws without sustaining multiple executions of their labor slaves they would have contributed a fair amount of taxes to the screening, hiring, and training of better paid civil servants, particularly those who carry guns.

Keep in mind the jackboots employed by the feudal establishment to maintain the status quo wasting of our work torn sleepy bodies are just a symptom of a degenerate society that sucks the life’s blood from fellow citizens just to prop up a powerful filthy rich royalty. These enforcers work for the same elite masters. They struggle with the same declining real wages that pay for less and less of what they need.

Our vengeance should be directed at the corrupt establishment.

Do not focus your vengeance solely on those with a different skin color or penchant to swagger in a uniform, all are fellow labor slaves. It is the ruthless greedy mega-business establishment that is killing our children by depriving them of decent jobs, living-wages, and opportunity. Now that the feudal masters have instructed their henchmen to use deadly force this should not delude us into believing that just because we fight for a kinder-gentler jailer that the prison walls will crumble. An overt culture of corruption will still rule over us denying the existence of our human rights. We must remove the cancer that is the worldwide billionaires club of sheiks who have replaced our constituent voices with lobbyist interlopers.

Reboot this pirate society. The poorly paid jackboots hired by the income-raiders are not our ultimate target. We know who holds the real power.