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Competence and Stature Mustn't Be a Deceptive Illusion

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When stature becomes nothing more than an ability to convey a well-crafted intelligent demeanor against a backdrop of covertly hidden failure: at this point society has crowned an aristocracy that swims in a cesspool of deceptive illusion. Carefully crafting a skin of competence over a history of incompetence only distorts historical touch points that left undisturbed would have adequately conveyed a comprehensive undistorted picture. Adhering to this form of aristocracy are the powerful that are allowed to continue to rule with utter abandon simply because of their position - essentially any simpleton that belongs to the plutocratic elite must meet only a limited standard of ability. Just their 'star appeal' sells an unfettered superiority for all those who belong to the plutocratic elite or approved Intelligentsia. The mere mortals that populate the lower castes of our totalitarian economic society remain just that unacknowledged cogs in a wheel of wealth creation for their plutocratic masters.

Perpetuating a closed system where consideration for a position is based solely upon one's caste points to the lowest form of degeneracy - a recycled plutocratic block populated by comfortable stagnant nonentities who become placeholders for ability. Refreshing these upper reaches of power with 'fresh blood' would assist in eliminating complacency. But it's far too convenient to enlist those who've been cycling through our corrupt system like dirty, thin motor oil than to drain it. Reaching towards the lower 'shelf' for a fellow compatriot 'backslapper' that perfectly fits into every ill-conceived groove of a degenerate society becomes the final solution.

We can either continue to move in the same useless circles drifting around revolutionary ideas on our safe but sure path to destruction or gravitate towards truly fresh approaches aimed at solving the problems that have confounded the conformists. The answer lies not in the 'well founded' islands of accepted belief but on the unexplored continents bursting with possibility. By grabbing a 'ship' that will cross the uncharted waters towards the promise of relevant change we leave behind the chorus of cackling court advisors that are mired in their flat worldview. We'd once again enlist our pioneer spirit in conquering the seemingly impossible.

All cultures after a long stretch of stability exhibit stratification across all foundational layers. The very essence of a culture settles towards a grounded well-formed rigidity that resists changes infused from outside its stratified boundaries. Those in power jealously guard the outposts of their fiefdoms against renegade incursions made by outsiders bent upon disrupting their established safe ordered tepid pool of churned threadbare ideas. By following a well-defined blueprint those who excel at molding their limited intellect around rote doctrinaire formulas become the replacements for the dogma jailers that pass away. What results is a self-perpetuating stasis that is never refreshed from outside with divergent thoughts carried by those existing in the harsh world of reality. Little by little those plutocratic approved Intelligentsia who attempt to maintain their thrones of influence at any cost pushes down the entire society into a state of idea coagulation.

Not only should profoundly new ideas be elicited from every quarter of society but recognition should also be extended to those who break the shell of 'sleepy' easy restful contemplation of patented concoctions that pass for real solutions. Therefore the realistically ignorant need to be professionally purged from time to time from a society that has become so comfortable with its aristocratic privileges that it allows this power establishment unfettered, unregulated sway over everything. If this purging does not occur periodically, regurgitated ideological precepts start to clog the free flow of ideas. Barriers start popping up everywhere, erected by the elite who attempt to constrain information not directly perceived to have originated from their fiefdoms. Therefore we cannot address a changing world with playful tweaks tied too failed 'flat world' theories propounded by numerous carbon copied elite simpletons. Profound change requires revolutionary ideas puncturing through the parapets of the establishment.