Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Communication Saturation Campaign

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On the frontier of subversion we move to the grove of the salient transformation. Serious debate is finally encircling a planet locked down by a power collective. Educating ourselves on the issues driving a society being stifled by imposed stasis is never an easy task but we are speeding past the smoky haze of illusion. Enlist all those that can propel our cause way past imaginary boundaries by joining in the communication saturation campaign. Any vigorously driven thrust must maintain a steady rhythm to achieve a glorious transition into splendor. Similarly, generate a vibrant stream, an over pouring of questions that debunk the collective ‘wisdom’ designed to enslave.

Dripping down from the wealth channeled peaks a sticky viscous clear fluid is gumming up our freedom of expression. Processes, testing, and barriers to entry multiply in this tightly joined social shaft lubed with juicy deception. A seductive temptress is the global oligarchy that we’re constantly fantasizing about – all those riches that could be ours if we could grind more frequently inside the spinning wheel. But suffice to understand that next blissful push never materializes. Our way of life is fixated on a lustful dream never to be satisfied. That is the beauty of the finely malformed interlinked human condition – it is a masterpiece of deception.

Pulling your feet from the elite quicksand requires that we disassociate ourselves from the elite expression prison. Blast past the accepted rocketing towards the unacceptable. We need to reach the touchstone of a counter reality – the People’s Movement societal alternative. Move passed the 1% imposed boundaries. Challenge the status quo by exposing the incomprehensible.

Acquaintances can network our Fifth Column in a multiplicative frequency so that it includes many more adherents than is achievable within a tightly controlled organizational structure. Why would we duplicate the finely tuned rule based frail system of our nearsighted elite masters? It is obviously an aberration, a contrivance of sociopaths.

Steady precious thrusts are therefore the key to pure ecstasy. Nature is replete with examples of sensual exhilaration. How do we reach these inexpressible heights of pleasure? Do we contemplate our every action down to the detail of an actuary? Aren’t we transported into transitory euphoric states of consciousness? These desired emotional states are only achievable when we release our innermost inhibitions. Freedom is just such an ethereal expression of our humanity. Let’s resolve to experience it in its purest form before it is vanquished from this kingdom of planetary greed.