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Common Sense Is Mediocre Seek Uncommon Brilliance

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The problems that confront our country don't demand that our leaders practice common sense or adhere to mediocre safe patented prescribed previously unsuccessful solutions that are geared towards tweaking an inherently stable societal structure. Ours is a society convulsing under an unstable economic system that has polluted thought, actions, and beliefs into a uniform consciousness maintained by approved propaganda. A herd mentality permeates, personified in a dictated common sense approach towards simply existing.

Common sense is nothing more than safe common thought not uncommon sense founded upon intellectually expansive thought that typically is the precursor to spectacular advances that propel a society beyond its comfortable static shores. Nothing short of bold, daring plans put to use to solve our staggering seemingly insurmountable problems will result in an outcome most would agree to be brilliant. We should never cling to the common but seek out the unique 'diamond' whose radiance is indisputably grand - why strive for stale mediocrity.

Give me the gale of a night on Cape Hatteras with a vibrant beautiful enchanting passion endowed evening. Let me be blessed with an uncommon theory that blasts to smithereens conceptions resting upon shaky unsubstantiated illusion. Provide me with a human experience over any common standard relaxed quiet dull stereotypical known result espoused by those not caring to know whether it is founded upon fallacy because it is safer just not to consider. Please let me experience the elation of my senses fully attune to a Western morning upon the high plains under a sky of cobalt blue with the crisp air tingling across my face. Give me the power of memory to comprehend my country, as it once was - please never let this past escape from my consciousness so that I may pass this understanding onto my fellow citizens. No I'm thankful for never having any common sense if it is common to forget reality and live in a world of illusion devoid of passion, triumph, grand visions, and exaltation.

Humanity so easily slips from our grasp in a society calculated and calibrated upon a monetary prerequisite. Capturing something more than a basic understanding of our universe demands that we take an all expansive inclusive sensory based approach towards formulating solutions to problems that are intertwined across multiple systems both humanly designed and naturally occurring.

The passionately eccentric extraneous thinkers will rise to the helm of cooperative control of an uncertain, tumultuous, unpredictable, future that will follow no set predetermined course across a plain of established reason. Therefore, we must be capable of broadening our perspective far a field of tight constrained boundaries. If behavior was contingent upon conformity in prior human experience it will now be contingent upon embracing turbulence with enthralled excitement at outcome expectations.

To accomplish the next intellectual elevation of the human species we'll need to empower every individual with unfettered exposure across all communication points - let's push the potential of every citizen to the limit. Inhibitions, process bound decadent continuity, and information silos based upon artificial barriers are enemies to the developmental evolution of a species. Passion and intellectual prowess are complements to genius without one or the other nothing uniquely exciting is achievable. We should never strive for anything common. Life embraces the uncommon in a snow covered mountain, a deep blue ocean, a canyon of unfathomable depth, images of planets 'shot' back across a vacuum filled space, the fiery red glow of a sunset, the rattling last gasp of the dying, or the first cry of a newborn.