Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Collectively We Are Shaping Our Own Destiny

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Collectively we shape our own destiny. Individually with defined objectives, a value system, and beliefs that are centered on human dignity our unique separate actions translate into united societal change. What is this amorphous conceptual organizing society altering belief system called the People’s Movement?

In a world where real top-down organizations are easy targets for derision and outright attack our nebulous counter society is safe from plutocratic destruction. Our movement is a dynamic system injection destabilizer that undermines the planet’s corrupt lobbyist directed society. We collectively affect a repositioning of the taker-society to our People’s Movement societal model. Across an enhanced electronic communication foundation our transformation rips the plutocratic society of rich leaches to shreds. We question, protest, say what’s been troubling us – that is the grand citizen uprising that is exposing the lies of this society built exclusively for ultra-rich enslavers. Our individual actions taken in concert with other likeminded global citizens are changing our existing wealthy take-all society into a people’s civilization.

Many organizations may bond to the People’s Movement. We are a dynamic infusion of disillusioned Earthlings cast aside by a society wholly organized and ruled by a minority of 1% royalty herding us into a planet wide feudalism. Environmentalists, conservatives, liberals, revolutionaries, and many others have found a home in our inclusive wave of enlightened societal transformation. The particulars of a group’s objectives aren’t necessarily incongruous with those of the People’s Movement. It will take a big tent that includes many seemingly incompatible companions to topple the existing big-money lobbyist controlled economic and governmental system of majority enslavement.

This isn’t to say that we will cleave to any organization. No association should ever be made with those who advocate racism, tyranny, barbarism, religious intolerance, and any extreme hatred of their fellow human beings. We should always seek to bring humanity together by tearing down territorial barriers. Nothing can differentiate any of us from each other. This is our blue spaceship hurtling through the cosmos. We are all crewmates, of the same human genome regardless of skin color, religion, racial characteristics, or geographical origin.

There is absolutely no logical reason why we can’t all come together to build a better world. We should be building towards the day when a sphere of people’s influence undiluted by planetary oligarchs is the final word in directing progressive change. The majority of citizens must have the ultimate constituent voice in a single democratic government – an Earth Planetary Government.

How we arrive at this primary goal will ultimately determine the tenor of all subsequent negotiations between many dissimilar belief systems not always on speaking terms. It is hoped that after working cooperatively within the People’s Movement that all of us will have learned how to work together to reach shared core objectives. Our relationships in the People’s Movement big tent will be essential to the fulfilment of our final objective. For without mutual respect for one another the building of an inclusive worldwide government will end in abject failure. Agreeing to respectfully listen and try to understand divergent opinions without going into a tirade will signal our growth into a unified sentient planetary race.

When we finally have 50,000 to 60,000 thousand legislators from distant geographical regions all gathered together we will by this time have bridged all the differences that had separated us from unconditionally embracing our fellow human beings. Religious, racial features, customs, and all the other meaningless characteristics of our fellow crewmembers on this our planetary ship will fade into a single identifying feature called human being. We will no longer notice how someone looks or care what religion or culture they belong to for all we will see before us is another person trying to steer our beautiful planet into a bright future. Failure to understand will no longer be an excuse to treat our planetmates harshly. In the end we’ll survive or die as a species based upon how well we’ve learned to agree to disagree.