Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Cold Damp Stone Walls

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Pale walls with a black scum in crumbling cracks leave a last impression on a consciousness wavering from a burdened existence. Morning will come with a blast of sunlight that will wash over these walls. Standing firm, the vision was created based upon a higher being’s belief in humanity but it resulted in many being thrown into deep dungeons. Resting near the pinnacle of perfection most citizens wouldn’t call their sacrifice meaningless. It has and will continue to be the highest calling of all of us who believe that a kinder, gentler, decent world is possible.

Take not what has been a truthful mission of a clean soul; this is locked down, untouchable. Dirty miserable evil may rest upon haunches waiting to pounce with claws extended. Skin may be torn apart, thoughts tortured by many tangled poisons; none of it will dissolve your dignity.

Built upon cinder stones hauled by millions our inspiration is in our messages. We stand united hands outstretched across an expanse to unfathomable to envisage. Oceans heave towards sandy beaches that would have been lovely castaway destinations. Non-crucial dreams at times like these replace the cold damp stone seeping inside skin. Events in a chain gang bolted-in slave clap for attention if only the dumbness will be eternal.

A world lurches imperceptibly in many directions only to reach these same stone walls. Letting go of a dream was never an option. This isn’t the final drop of a fantasy. Brimming to overflowing are the promises. Carrying on in this journey will take fortitude, a determination that sometimes slides into insanity.

Walk by my side just to remind me of how unbreakable a bond we share.

Walk by each other’s side to remind all of our loving union.

Cold stone may waste bodies but the spirit endures.

If no tomorrow passes a gentle breeze across tear streaked cheeks let them roll from content eyes.

On this last day a first day was born. Freedom’s vision blasts the cold damp stone walls to sticky dust. A new generation’s gaze is fixed upon happiness.