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Clear Blue Lights

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One light is gleaming in the distance, a clear blue of a beauty never seen before. Many are gathering at the opening attempting to discern an outline anything that would indicate continuity with natural laws of physics - it has no outline only an invading luminosity. We've been standing outside this opening for quite some time observing and hypothesizing. Nothing is apparent only that it resembles a western sky un-obscured by clouds on a dry crisp evening just before sunset.

There are those among us who would like to get closer to the mysterious entity - we don't yet know whether it even exists. Some would just prefer to remain standing in their exact spots not moving and just barely breathing for fear of provoking any response by the light. Others are beginning to assemble scientific equipment that they intend to use to analyze the aberration, entity, or mirage.

Many of these clear blue lights have been appearing across landscapes as diverse has deserts, skyscrapers, seashores, and many other geographically diverse places around the world. Nothing is known of these lights other than that when they appear those observing will stay watching them over many days - no work has been accomplished by anyone over this period time.

After a few years of standing in front of the many openings that have proliferated with their own clear blue lights gleaming resolutely we've developed many theories concerning their existence. Some have theorized that bestowing gifts such as gold, money and other precious objects make the lights emit brighter and more beautifully so they've begun transferring all the available tangible wealth across the planet to their respective local blue lights.

Still no one is working after - can it be 10 years. There are now piles of wealth outside the openings to the clear blue lights. The streets of the cities are now overgrown with vegetation and are crawling with wild animals. Factories that once produced every imaginable product are now rusting hulks surrounded by cracked and broken concrete. Offices once abuzz with minds contemplating the latest innovations have now wasted into useless prunes of ignorance and stupidity. Many of the cars that people were driving may be found abandoned on roads that are now completely impassible do to years of neglect. Nothing functions now, for it is no longer needed since where all busy night and day watching the beautiful clear blue lights. It was conveyed by our brightest scientist's years ago that it was important to the survival of the human species - we must continually watch in amazement and bring our wealth has a form of sacrifice to the eternal clear blue lights.

Darkness has befallen our civilization for we have now reverted to savages that kill each other over a piece of bread, but one thing is certain we never fail to watch the clear blue lights - that is the only remaining constant in our pitiful lives.