Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Clarion Call of Pure Freedom

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Paths leading to nowhere, hilltops once lush green now roasted to a torch black, democracy is an illusion, a masterly crafted lie. Citizens are spit upon, worse yet ignored. Speaking about the dangerous path now that we’ve reached its terminus is meaningless. Action not another hundred pages of elegant prose will send us back in the right direction. We don’t require a ‘prestigious’ study, we’ve known for years – the United States is an Oligarchy – a government controlled by big business interests.

Globally the interlocked societal system is also Oligarchic. The top 10% of the business elite through their lobbyists are the real constituents. If you have a lobster in the pot, a business jet whirring on the runway, a direct line to a cadre of bought and paid for legislators you are the problem: your greed clouded vision has destroyed democracy.

Labelling is a convenient tool employed by the organizations intertwined with the contrivance that we call representative government. So let’s dispel any notion that the People’s Movement is a right-wing or for that matter even a left-wing organization peppered with dark emotions like hate. This amalgamation of citizens from around the world is comprised of honest, hardworking, and decent people. We are powerless as individuals but are a resolute united front. We will restore constituent rights to all, not just those who can exert the most influence and power.

Acting to advance the rights of the unrepresented each individual determines how best to achieve the goals that are central to the betterment of our community. Ours is a completely organic unstructured fully participatory entity that is more a belief system that can easily be merged with other faiths.

Respect for the individual is a core precept that we adhere to not for the sake of manipulating others less capable but because no civilization can exist for long without establishing an empathetic connection with their fellow human beings. Central to this linkage is a heartfelt respect for every member of our planetary family.

Advancing our objectives will be extremely tough. There will be moments when you just want to breakdown and cry. This is hard work restoring our lost democratic governments. Our resolve is tested daily; many have lost their jobs, freedom, friends, and lives.

Streaking through these dark skies is a blazing meteor: our clarion call of pure freedom.